Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 4, Sorcerer 4
Fearless | Tenfoll’at | Hobgoblin | 3, Warlock 1, Wizard 2
Mots | Diego | Tabaxi | 2, Rogue 2
Pleasant Vegetable | Xurt | Goblin | 2, Ranger 2
FireEverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 3, Cleric 3
Tsi88 | The Amazing Gonzo | Human | 3, Warlock 3

DM: Geokhan

Leader: Ou-Kan
Scout: Diego
Trailblazer: Xurt

Mission: Cultist north-east of Neathys Wood

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Potential Wereboar



Cultist Bloodhound
Agile fighter
Mind control beacon
Splatter on Death





Cultist Base Location
Far north circle
Island fort
Magic artillery
Undead Aquatics
Scout boats



The  Wandering Temple
Good for climbing
Brought sand along

Sand Dragon
Nasty bite
Poisoned tail


Weapons barely tickle
Magic is better
Beware the tusks

Some day I might prepare myself for the actions I take. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that werebeasts might attack, when you are fully aware a gang of werebeasts roam the area you travel through. Some people might even think of how to defend themselves from it. Good thing I brought the weirdlings along.

So I gathered a group for disrupting the cultist supply lines. Seemed like something a small group of us could accomplish with a bit of trickery. We traveled from White Moon Cove heading north by road, it was pleasant weather if a bit to the cold side, but nothing was disrupting our travel. The night however got interupted when Xurt the small green one started yelling. A group of bandits had arrived chasing a fat friar by the name of Misks. Their leader was clad in black and seemed on the unnatural side of weird, especially when the killing blow was struck and the inside of the armor splattered out in blood. With the leader gone a spell seemed to leave the last bandit, who honestly just seemed confused to be here.

Misks explained he had been scouting the cultists base to the north, even noted its location on the map. Unfortunately they had been spotted and the other members of his 4-man group had been taken. He was going to report to Gwenolyn and have her help him out. 

The bandit survivor was a sailor of “The Sailing Dove“, who had delivered supplies to a man named Lert calling himself “the benefactor“. He didn’t remember anything that had happened except Lerts glowing eyes and his body covered entirely in black with a veil to cover the face.

We escorted them part way to Gwenolyns place before heading north hoping to free Misks friends before they could be shiped to the blood citadel, which is located far west past the jubjub mountains and forest of small folk.

 We traveled north for the rest of the day before camping for the night. During our watch The Amazing Gonzo and I watched a pyramid emerge. Having seen many strange structures and occurances on the Island we decided to watch for morning to investigate. The pyramids occupants didn’t feel like waiting though.

I large lizardlike creatures with reversed ribs and a nasty tail sprung Tenfoll’ats alarms and battle begun. The creature, which I’ve decided to name a sand dragon, had the company of a wereboar, which had no trouble with me bashing a maul into its face repeatedly. Before I had the chance to change my tactics much the sand dragons tail stopped all movements and I could only watch as I drifted in and out of conciousness as the monsters and my party competed in a tug-of-war on my life. I’m happy to announce my survival and the great healing prowess of these weird friends of mine.

After the battle I still didn’t feel quite well and Xurt noticed signs of a lycantropic infection from one of my wounds.

As I had no intention to become a boar myself we went to Gwenolyn who fixed me up nicely. She also warned us of the cultists, I’ll put the cliffnotes at the bottom. However it’s important to note there is only a week until the prisoners will be shipped to the Blood Citadel. It’s clear that our group won’t be strong enough, so I implore anyone confident in their abilities to help before it’s too late.


Sincerly – Ou-Kan

Cultist notes:

Fort located on an island north of Neathys Wood.
Magic controls their subjects. It was dispelled upon killing the Blood Hound, a black clad warrior.
The fort is protected by ranged magic devices, flight might not be an option.
The water is patrolled by small boats and undead aquatic creatures.
Something blocks teleportation onto the island.
The leader is named Lert, “The Benefactor” or “The Vampire”.
 – It’s uncertain if he is a vampire, that’s just what the sailors called him.
The leaders eyes glow.

There is only one week until the ship sails for the Blood Citadel.


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