Dear Diary,

Today, we set out on another quest to find out what the hells is going on in the Silent Forest, after our last, rather unsuccessful, scouting trip.
The group gathered at the Bitter Dwarf, this time it was Arkose, Xenon, Andrek, and two new ones, one kobold with a lengthy name going by Thumpy, and one dwarf named Raebekka. The latter two being new to the adventuring here, though I was the same just a few days back

Either way, we set out shortly after nominating Arkose our party leader we set out, the weather was a clear, crisp spring day and we were ready for the day’s travel.
The journey was mostly uneventful until we ran into a collection of partially buried burlap sacks, which contained a large sum of copper. We found goblin footprints, possibly the same goblins who set up a toll booth around here a few days back. we intended to go find them to learn them about smart business practices (and guarding/hiding your hoard), but the terrain turned against us as an earthquake swallowed up the earth before us, and with that, the tracks of the goblins as well. leaving us stranded only to return from whence we came.

After an uneventful evening, we set forth towards the Silent Forest proper, upon nearing which we quickly noticed why it had the moniker ‘silent’, as the various sounds of nature got ever more muted. Not to be turned away by some odd phenomena, we pressed forward, only to stop in a small forest clearing which had a statue, which we took our time inspecting, only to get surrounded by some odd mossy creatures and some weird flying creature. A fight ensued, and as our team was dealing with the moss walkers and moss wolves, the flying creature took hold of Xenon and tried his hardest to abduct him. A frantic chase ensued in which we managed to save Xenon after he wrestled the thing mid air.

After that fight we set up camp in a nearby hollow beneath a tree. I had a short sleep only to get rudely interrupted by large footsteps nearing the hollow we were resting in, peeking out I saw a massive gnarly mossy foot, made out of roots and branches and such things. It was clearly intent on murdering the few that had crawled out of the hollow for whatever reason. I sent my Clockwork Assault Spider, aka, Cass, out to deal with the issue by spewing flames at it, I imagined tree would be susceptible to fire, only to find the tree we were hiding under on fire. Which the titanic walking tree tackled, revealing us under it. We quickly got out from underneath it, and I dashed off into the tree line, hiding away from its angry gaze. in these events, our Kobold, Thumpy, had apparently gotten thumped quite badly and seemed to have passed away, unfortunately.

From the darkness I saw several arrows streak into the titan, this must’ve been the work of our resident Drow, Xenon. This set my hopes for the fight and I too started firing my crossbow at the thing. I got in a few decent hits as I saw a tree fly over and heard Xenon’s groan. stumbling through the darkness, having to rely on my sense of touch (darned drow and their coloring against this darkened background), but I found him and dropped a goodberry in his mouth as he seemed to no longer be conscious. That did the trick.

At some point our Kobold moved again, miraculously, to heal our fallen dwarf, Andrek, only to find the ire of the tree-beast and get flattened into the dirt, this time staying down. After which we combined our efforts doubly to slay the beast and succeeded, alas, too late to save the fallen Kobold, Thumpy.
The fire had spread further, requiring us to push on to find a safer campsite, and after a short, fitful rest, we pushed on back to town, weary and a little defeated.

But we shall return, and we shall learn more about these things.

Rael Erewyn signing off.