Foluss told uns’aa that it is suuz’chok —tradition— here to spin a tale after returning delmah. Strange that merely returning is to be touted, especially after a… houj —failure— such as this, but… I will attempt.

Hoping to get a chance to explore, I stayus awake while the accursed sssiks was high in the sky. Soon a group gatherus in the tavern. The only one of note at the time was the darthiir… the surface elf. Regardless, I soon found myself walking with to this “Silent Forest.” I was… pleasantly?… surprised to learn along the journey that the darthiir was capable of speaking undercommon.

Along the way, the group stopped to play with some tar. They seemed… concerned…? that there might be a creature that needus help in there. If you ask me, a creature that falls into something that obvious is not worth saving. Still, the others got close and started touching it. A familiar sight from tix delmah soon rose from the pit. It was a b’ahlach. Naut-elghinyrr b’ahlach to be exact. I believe in the common tongue it would be a living dead eye tyrant? A living one might have been a concern in this sunlight considering their usual intellect. One turned into living dead though? Easy enough for a child. Though… I did not expect it to still be able use its lasers. Once we ended its unlife, we harvested its parts and carried on.

Next we came across the green jora goln —goblins— making a…. toll booth? They mention 10 gold, something called a season pass and a couple other things? I am not too familiar with this, but I doubt they would have been capable of enforcing the price if it came to blows. Despite this fact, the others decided to let them live. One even handed over the coin. Questionable to say the least.

Later, we set up camp. When it came to my watch, I saw a four legged beast approach. I went to tell the leader, but he was… kiel (I must remember that it is not the most capable that leads in this society) and I decided to wake up the others in his stead. After it got close, we realized it was a centaur. One that was wounded by a plant. I tried to imitate this… “kindness” that the others were doing and healed him, but he was still not well. Turns out, he was suffering from a disease… something we could not cure until the accursed ball of flame was back in the sky. We continued to slumber and woke to it transformed into a hostile giant plant. Knowing that the others wanted to help the creature, I suggested knocking it out. This led to us surrounding it and when the last blow came, it exploded. We found the infection had spread to all after that. We determined that all could not be healed, so I chose myself. After all, only those that are stro— it was my weakness that caused this problem (though apparently the one on watch before knew it died… so it might be on him?). I soon found it hard to breath and my body became stiff, but it was nothing I could not handle. Still, the others were worried and tried to suck out the poison and make an antidote. The darthiir was not confident in making the antidote, but I knew our kind could easily manage it. To be extra safe, after making the antidote, they took me back to town where one named Hjalrig removed it completely. After I was cured (…and vomited some vines), I shared a few drinks with thedarthiir Rael and perhaps grew a sense of…… khaless? It may be a omen from Lady Vandria of strife to come.

To those that try to fix our failure, bring a way to cleanse disease. Once transformed, there is no going back.