GM: Seph
Party: Gaz (Leader and Scout), Nag’ini, Cober, Asterisk, Ildan, Rose (Trailblazer)

Rose’s War Diary, Second Mission

Day 1

we set out early in the morning on our mission to return the doorknob to the wizard ezekial, and in the hopes for some information on the incident in the mines so that we could decide if it was something we could handle. despite initially getting a bit confused about the direction we were walking, we made our way to the outpost in the south-west without major problems and rested there for the night.

Day 2

the night passed uneventful, and following the directions given by the locals we set out towards the farm where ezekial lives. on the way, we pass by some craters, and gaz seems to think that they’re the remains of ezekials farm. he throws the doorknob to the center of a crater, claiming we’ve thus completed this job. disagreeing with that assessment, we pick it up again and continue our search for the farm.

a little while later, we pass by a barn with scorch marks on it like something exploded there. as there’s also some metal sound coming from it, there’s a likelihood that this might be the gnomish farm, and with the rest of the team being frightened by the horror stories of this powerful wizard, i was the only one to enter the building. turns out, the metal sound was from some kind of mill in the basement, and nobody was at home. with no casualties in need of help, and no temple in the backyard making it unlikely to actually be ezekials farm, we wandered along a bit further and soon happened to actually find it. turns out, the horror stories were much exaggerated, and ezekial was a pleasant man to talk with. i also got the impression that he’s a very good grandfather to his grandchildren. the doorknob, it turns out, records everything happening around it, and ezekial was so kind to show us what had happened in the mines. according to his analysis, a dark god that’s outside of our sphere of… i forgot the term he used, but it seemed big. anyway, that dark god tried to enter our world, but was defeated by the team sneks had gone out with. only a few demon bunnies had remained at the end of the fight, when sneks was forced to leave behind one last team member whom he had just healed, but who was unable or unwilling to follow him out.

unfortunately, ildan and i were unable to convince the rest of the team to try to recover the bodies of the fallen adventurers, though i am unable to understand their reasoning. instead, we decided to follow up on a report of a cave or lair nearby.

didn’t take us long to reach it, too. but by sune, it was hot in there! within a minute, i was sweating like i hadn’t been since basic training! turned out, some devil creatures, supported by hobgoblins, were living in there. and they also were smart enough that the initial group we encountered, one of them flew away too fast for us to stop and alerted the rest. including a team returning from looting the area. they used magic illusions to great effect, making us believe that there’s a fog cloud in the corridors when there wasn’t actually one there. they also had someone with them capable of casting fireballs – or at least one, before we got to him and vanquished him. in the end, the flying creature that escaped us in the first room also was able to flee out of the cave, their main boss (a three-breasted, bearded and moustached (why ever it’s both, we didn’t really get a good answer) devil) was not there, and a hobgoblin unaffiliated with those from ruined oak had surrendered to us. with the assistance it gave us in looting the place, and the information it had provided, gaz offered it a job should it be able to make its way to mirandia and gaz’s business there is built.

with several of us being exhausted by the heat and the fight, we decided to go to brok’s inn to rest the night there in safety.

Day 3

having spent a restful and uneventful night at the inn, we set out back towards WMC in the morning. a band of wolves under the command of three goblins tried their luck against us, but quickly found out that they were no match. some of the wolves scattered before we could get them all, though.

we headed to the east, towards the road, and encountered a wild magic zone there. everyone seemed to know the drill though, and we passed through it without incident. arriving at the outpost around noon, we encountered another wild magic zone, and decided to stay there as it’s an entire day on the road from there, so there’s no real point in risking it camping in the open. it also allowed for some additional recovery from our fight in the devils’ lair as well as getting a feel about how long it might take for this wild magic zone to dissipate.

Day 4

the zone hasn’t dissipated yet, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be doing that for a while. this will really hinder our efforts with the portal mine.

we set out in the morning, as usual, and soon encountered a two-headed giant approaching us on the road. gaz talked to it in a strange language, neither orcish nor giant. but they seemed to be able to work out some sort of agreement, and the creature wandered off after a while.

the rest of the trip was uneventful, and we arrived at WMC in the evening.