DM: Seph


We set out north to Gnoll territory on our way to find Snek’s key-knob thingamajig, taking the following path below. Along the way, we found a body stabbed to death along the road, as well as some fine gentlemen that were trying to help a merchant along the road get to where he was going. For some reason, he thought they were robbing him, so we had him follow us along the way to the Blood Eye Clan.

We passed through the clan territory, asking around about Sneks’ key. Some of the hobgoblins seemed to think they’d seen it on Sneks, but haven’t seen the adventurer in a while. We continued on our way. Along the way, we passed some trees in a circle with a large tree in the center; we didn’t detect any magic coming from the area, so we continued on our way.

Eventually, we ran into a dracolich named Grelk that attacked us for no real reason. Either way, we kicked his arse easily enough, but headed back home afterwards, unsure of a heading abotu where to find the Kobold’s body. Maybe I can get Abel to help find him after this gnoll business has died down.

First Day Movement
Second day Movement
Third Day Movement
Hex with the large tree and small grove on the second day’s march.