Strange whispers were heard from the Whisper Woods Silent Forest, lets check them out.

PC’s: Asterisk, Leofyr, Me’Slash, Vulas, Lahkia, Quinn
DM: Tam

A while back a few kids had gotten kidnapped by some fey creatures and drugged to sleep. They were thrown into cages and were almost eaten before some adventurers showed up to save the day, losing one of their number in the process. Those kids mentioned that they had heard about some suspicious stuff involving other people kidnapping kids so Leofyr sent out the call of aid. This task led our mighty band of warriors through the areas east of the Lake of Songs.

Along the way we encountered a ginormous boar – that we were thankful to find out was peaceful enough in the moment that it left us alone.

Was nice not having to try to hunt a creature like that, I’d rather fight those damned giant hyenas again any day. This island seems to be full of crazy creatures. Our intended targets were no different. We were looking for a thin, pale white, pointy nosed man named Toodles. As we stepped into the forest we expected the journey to last a bit, which is to say that we definitely didn’t expect our target and his pals to rock up in the middle of the night and throw magic darkness at us.

As far as I can tell from other logs, these creatures are called Darklings. Mysterious Fey that inhabit the Whisper Woods and the Silent Forest. When the attacked us Valor and I flew into action, quite literally as I had Valor lift me into the air. After my last two adventures I wasn’t going to take any chances. That turned out to be a pretty smart move as these guys explode in a burst of light when they die. With our quarry defeated we continued our rest and looked around for tracks in the morning. We found sets belonging to two more creatures and some pixie dust on the ground so there must still be more going on.

Feeling a little desperate for home, we let these sit for a later mission out to the forest. Along the way home, Me’Slash encountered some kind of dinosaur of massive size and spent the rest of the day and the better part of the next day trying to lure it back to camp so that he could pet it…. I had also spotted this guy:

Remember that Giant Boar? It was carrying the giant boar….

A large chimera, that was a good distance away from me when went into the air with Valor to get a better look, that was carrying off prey about the same size as it. Each of its three heads gripped the large boar from earlier. Valor calmly lowered me down and the whole party chorused “well that’s the circle of life” about 10 times as we quietly moved away from it.

An actual arm flies out of a tavern at them

The rest of the trip home was uneventful other than a gnome merchant pushing a hand cart filled with weapons. We sold stuff, we bought…. nothing because the prices were ridiculous, and we said goodbye cordially as we walked towards the portal and headed home to White Moon Cove.

The entire party’s perception on who is the ranger and who is the animal companion