Timmy Start this Next Adventure with 6 new companions, Eddings the Mighty with His Fantastic Owl, Vahn The Musical, Panzer The Sadist, Johann The Fish Singer, Abu the STINKY, SLIMEY, SLOPPY with Fat bird, and our illustrious Leader Fiver The Magnificent.

We start our adventure going to the lake near RO, and signing to the fish, then we eat them, it was a wonderful trick. we Decide to find some more kobolds and we heard rumor of some up north by the Briarwood Wall. We start our day out and make it to the wall, and Timmy the fantastic Climbs the wall and soon realized the Wall grows taller to avoid any shenanigans, Timmy returns and tell everyone that the wall is evil and wont let him pass. So we try Brute force chopping at the wall with swords and burning it with fire. Still nothing, But Timmy is brilliant so he suggests Poison and seems to do the trick so Panzer sprays it with tree poison Timmy assumes and it gets weaker, then we try again at chopping and burning and we make progress but then the Briarwood starts to grow behind us, and we vacate and give up thinking we should find those kobolds first. So we Travel north along the wall, and decide to make camp, nothing happens during camp and the night was uneventful.

The next day we notice we are being followed, by some kobolds and so we let them follow us and we find a place int he wall where it is less dense and weaker so we try our tactic again make tons of progress, it seems like we are almost though the wall when some kobolds riding lizards show up. Our leader Fiver The Magnificent, approaches them bravely and forces them to submit to her will and Timmy sees light and a Booming voice, images of Dragon and what not, but it seems to work on almost all of them, more than half drop their weapons and Stand in awe to her magnificence. Then some other kobolds try to kill us, and Timmy the HERO of this story, Slays them all with his bow, jumping , dodging flipping and all manner of awesomeness, sometimes he even turns invisible, All the while the kobolds try to kill his new friends. In the end Timmy saves 1 so that he can make another friend, and he lets Fiver talk to him first, then Abu and then Timmy interrogates him with the ways of his people, Terrorizes him until he agrees to help, which Timmy knew he would all along. We then decide to head home and we do so without any problems.