DM: Neal
Party: Tehran, Xell, Freyja, Taishina, Theris and Sammal
Mission: Trial and Error

Last time I saw Yarsby he seemed ready to build a raft and row it back to the mainlands, but when he brought the wagons to the gate he almost seemed to skip with joy. Hoping this would last we road southward to finish the construction on a road called “Swamp City”, though I found a distinct lack of civilization during our escapade.

The journey was nice and relaxing, we chatted a bit while Xell kept and eye out and Freyja made sure not to lead us of the beaten path, but as we rode past the swamp we heard screams coming from deeper within the trees. Xell went to scout ahead, but soon signaled us closer.

Two men, snake cultists, had been binding a local woman to an altar for Torm-knows-why. We quickly dispatched of the two, trying to keep them alive, but Sammals magic was stronger than expected, so instead we laid them to rest. The woman, named Halydove or something, seemed shaken, but to keep safe traveled with us to our destination. Along the way she slowly opened up and Freyja made sure she felt included during the trip.

As we reached the end of the road Yarsby quickly set his men to work, I joined in knowing Xell would keep a better eye by far, but even he didn’t see the tree, which nearly killed half of my friends. This tree with its sharp red leaves stood from the ground before crawling toward us. Magic, arrows and even my trusty axe bit into it, but we couldn’t stop it from blasting fire hot enough to bring down both Sammal and Taishina in one go.

13th Age: Dragonleaf Tree | Kobold Press

Priorities changed and when I finally was able to join the battle the combined effort of our team had almost brought it down to the cheers of Halydove and Yarsbys men.

We all slept well that night.

Expecting the worst to be over we continued clearing for the road, when Xell had us called to arms again, and right in the nick of time. A large Troll charged toward us spewing poison whenever we struck it. We kept it away from the workers, but every time we struck it it only seemed to poison us more. Having fought a troll or two before I knew my flail would do no good and instead brought the power of fire upon it.

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Big green guy

All while fighting this beast of a monster, Xell seemed of capturing his own monster. A yuan-ti who had been driving the troll away from a temple close by. We tried to question her, but she kept attempting to escape. In the end she died. Unfortunate.

Yuan-ti pureblood | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom
Not so big guy

By morning we headed back, the job complete and Yarsby about to burst with joy. This was a job well done. And no friends were lost.