Myself, Lucky, Twiks, Tuzok and a few others known as Shand, Belanor, Gaven, and Griters went on a mission to help the Centaurs, and inform them of where to go. We headed to the southpost (South outpost) to rest before heading into the plains. but on the way there we found some elves and some creatures of Modron descent by the looks, based on my.. previous history with them. We flew into battle against them as they decided to attack us, and they disturbed the wildlife. A pair of crocodiles and a pair of giant snakes came out of the water and bushes. I as skeptical as i am.. decided to strike at the crocodiles first rather than be bitten while fighting the other creatures. And i felt my magic empowering me.. a feeling of potential rebirth? as i fired my magic into the first crocodile as well as a pair of the Modron creatures.. damned balance loving machines. But yes yes i felt even more magic surge through me as my wild magic surged, i heard a couple of my allies fall but didnt see who as i was bitten by the two crocs. My magic healing me, and protecting me as i fought to try to escape them before drifting into darkness, hoping to be reborn into a whole new body. As the weave directed. But Twiks had other plans. as she healed me and scolded me for fighting nature.. yes yes i wont try to strike first again, even if i hate the crocodiles. The voices.. ah where were we. We headed to the outpost after the battle, and as we were setting up to rest for the night Khiron and some of his Clan came by so i gave them the longbow i got from the gnolls, and the arrows i had bought. As well as some random weapons we had looted in the elvish encounter.. Where was i at again.. I wonder, I remember Khiron asking us to go find his three clan members off to the west, and thus the next morning we went out.. i believe. On the way there we found a Mausoleum.. yes the damned Mausoleum. We opened up the Crypt and inside found a coffin we learned to be enchanted. If there is five lights surrounding it its protected against time and grave robbers. Thus i left the building with Twiks and let two others stay inside.. i forget who. Belanor i believe? and one other strong man.. Tuzok i believe, yes yes Tuzok. I can’t forget that man. We closed the door on them and they opened up the Coffin and found a scroll which they showed us once they came outside, and we met the three missing centaurs yes yes. and brought them back to the outpost with some.. mild fatigue.
(The next text is scribbled. as if the writer was writing it on the move.)
My arm.. my arm has a V shaped assortment of black.. tender spots on it!. I must examine this.. the weave draws me to let it runs its course. It came from the Mausoleum is my presumption.. We shall return to town and i shall wait for this to work its way.

Trust in Chaos, and it will bless you as it did me. -Saoch