Tl:dr: A small group of adventurers search for a library in the Neathy Woods. Finding The Stellar Library, and speaking with the librarian, Wan-Shi-Tong, the Owl Spirit, they are permitted library cards upon completion of a favour. Wan-Shi-Tong requested the adventurers find a book recently stolen, which they managed to do successfully. They borrowed a book on astronomy.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Stellar Library is in the Neathy Woods, possible source of information on various topics.
•A book on astronomy was borrowed, then used by Tobaggins to discover the next eclipse is a few months away. Tobaggins has the book and will hopefully return it before late fees are incurred.
Donewith Washir, a dragonborn wizard, is a descendant of Tobaggins intent on revenge upon him. Tobaggins had vague recollections of this lineage.
Vela was to whom the Stellar Library was dedicated.

Session Name: Copy of The Stellar Library
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 14 May 2023 @ 00:30 – 05:00 UCT
Session Risk: 5


Balthier (Rogue 12)
Barry (Cleric 6/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with Owl the Familiar and a Swarm of Skeletons
Glanfath (Barbarian 10)
Lysing (Sorcerer 14)

Barry and group gather at White Moon Cove, approached by Celestial Tobaggins, say book Barry and group want Celestial Tobaggins to use at library in northern Neathy Wood. Follow owl sound to find. Barry forget but remember later, Barry and group want for reason stated here.

An Ignominious Defeat | Sleeper Island EU

Spill divine blood on stone tablet during eclipse to find seal entrance to Baphomet. Barry think that bad. Celestial Tobaggins also want book for personal reason, related to hobby. Barry think Celestial Tobaggins maybe hide something but Barry not know.

Tobaggins the Celestial

Barry and group travel north faster than usual. Goliath Glanfath inspire group to move fast. First day of travel and night as well nothing of note. Giant Lysing see ancient tree near campsite.

Barry and group set out second day, see bear eat lizardfolk corpse. Goliath Glanfath talk bear, say bear have much stimulant, be crazy. Giant Lysing take something from bag, which become baboon. Barry think Tempus want Barry to add lizardfolk to Tempus Army, so Barry try scare bear away. Bear leave but Barry think bear more interest in hawk fly by.

Barry and group continue, meet Dragonborn Donewith. Dragonborn Donewith have interest in fey, think they be useful in Dragonborn Donewith research. Say research studying dragon and wyvern, discern difference between them, and think fey can help somehow that Barry not understand. Dragonborn Donewith breathe fire to prove not fey when asked. Say has facility far away, prefer work in mountain. Say heard owl hoot to west some day ago.

Donewith the Dragonborn

Group say farewell as Barry lead group west, then northwest. Barry and group see gigantic tree, sixty feet tall and thick as house. Owl hoot come from above canopy. Barry send Owl who see wood door with owl face, hear owl hoot behind. Goliath Glanfath climb tree, owl face start talking when finish.

Door say cheerful, “Howdy ho I’m Hooty the Owl Door.” Goliath Glanfath and Owl Door Hooty talk. Owl Door Hooty is everyday magical door to library. Say library card free for new guest. Say hungry. Goliath Glanfath offer goodberry, Owl Door Hooty head stretch from door, eat berry from hand, say not best taste but filling. Then Owl Door Hooty open itself, welcome Barry and group to Stellar Library. Say librarian in bad mood, avoid contact. Librarian can get annoyed, make unreasonable demand. Say library meant for people who fly, but should be okay if can climb.

Hooty the Owl Door

Barry and group climb rope placed by Goliath Glanfath, enter library. Owl Door Hooty say “Fun fact: The Stellar Library is named that due to one of its key materials being a meteorite that fell near here millennia ago!” Inside library lit by many hooded lantern. Building mix of rock and wood. Ladder and stair go down, around circular wall. Wall lined with book. Many owl hoot and fly about, deliver letter and book to shelf. Goliath Glanfath mention Owl Door Hooty say make no eye contact with librarian.

Barry and group descend further into library. Loud voice boom, say in sylvan, “Visitor or Foe.” Barry respond “visitor”, loud flapping then massive owl appear. Barry and group avoid eye contact.

Massive owl say name Wan-Shi-Tong, the Owl Spirit, turn head around full circle, say “I will specify my earlier inquiry. Are you seekers of knowledge or foes that burn knowledge?” Group respond seeker, and all ask for book. Goliath Glanfath want book on exercise, Giant Lysing want book on lightning. Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong say many such book. Eldritch Balthier want book on eldritch, Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong say no such book in library.

Wan-Shi–Tong the Owl Spirit

Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong say many book on astronomy, apropos of library name Stellar Library. Say not heard of Dragonborn Donewith, but say fey are most common user of library. Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong then say Owl Door Hooty take license with greeting. Library card cost no gold but not free, must complete favour to library to earn. Barry and group agree to do favour.

Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong request Barry and group find book stolen recently. Book seal three monkey monstrosity, stole by Yevas the Githzerai,” a recent visitor who betray trust of library, and trust of Vela, who library dedicated too. Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong say follow monkey smell and track, bring back book. Show Barry and group statue of three monkey monstrosity.

Three Monkey Monstrosities

Before leaving library, Barry and group meet Elf Entos, another visitor, who clean many bookshelf of dust. Elf Entos has to clean whole library before favour complete. Barry think it good Elf Entos elf, because that favour take long time.

Entos the Elf

Barry and group leave library and smell and see monkey track to northeast, follow to denser forest. Barry and group hear horn blow. Barry look through Owl eye, see temple ruin, covered in vine and moss. Barry and group approach. Giant Lysing make thunder noise response to horn.

At temple, Barry and group see githzerai, with three monkey monstrosity and six otherworldly barbarian. Githzerai introduce self as Yevas, say impressed Barry and group able to find him. Ask if Barry and group here to take book, say expect Owl to send someone. Say need book to trade with Mr. Washir.” and must resist, signal barbarian to attack group, then go invisible.

Yevas the Githzerai

Barry and group fight for life. Barry and Eldritch Balthier shoot many arrows, Giant Lysing makes big storm and many lightning bolt, also opens bag, throw out giant hyena and Jackal. Monkey monstrosity each possess different power to remove speech, sight or hearing. Githzerai Yevas through many fireball and cone of cold, nearly killing Eldritch Balthier. Barry and group win!

As die, Githzerai Yevas say “My deal with Donewith Washir is over…” Barry and group think that maybe Dragonborn Donewith is Mr. Washir. Eldricth Balthier find coin, gem, silver horn and black book with chain on body of Githzerai Yevas.

Temple ruin still radiate faint abjuration magick. Eldritch Balthier think temple dedicate to Loviatar, god of pain and torture. Eldritch Balthier found note in temple that say –

Dear Yevas,

I discovered recently from a reliable source that the fey that I have been searching for is actually a celestial. I was confused for so long because he could shapeshift.

Please let me know if you sight him. He will prefer to inhabit his usual form of a slimy short blaggard.

I will find you one day, grandfather Tobaggins, and get revenge for my mother and grandmother that you stopped paying alimony for. You will learn the fury of the Washir bloodline and that my red dragon grandmother is no mere paramour!

-Donewith Washir

Barry and group rest briefly, then return back to library. Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong accept book, give library card to Barry and group, say book may be check out for one week. Barry and group ask for longer, Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong say perhaps waived late fee since Barry and group got book back. Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong help find book on astronomy, with notes on sun and moon cycle.

Barry and group thank Owl Spirit Wan-Shi-Tong and leave library. Night is peaceful as is walk next day, when Giant Lysing use magic to teleport Barry and group back to White Moon Cove. Celestial Tobaggins accept book, say good. Say tell Psychic Katla that eclipse in next few months.

Celestial Tobaggins say have too many offspring to know, vaguely remember wedding red dragon while drunk. Having lengthy divorce. Will visit old paramour, try to stop vengeance, but say better to know someone try to kill than not. Eldritch Balthier asks for payment for book, get some. Celestial Tobaggins then sniff powder into nose and leave.