DM: Darkhelm
Players: Dwaff, Lyric, Chemist, Abu, Karash, Tar, Dust

Its been months since Kaine placed an egg in the tavern with a note saying “Someone please find someplace to plant this damn egg” so I decided to gather a group and go look for a suitable place. I also decided that exploring a new area would also be beneficial as to kill two birds with one stone, well more like ten but I’m getting ahead of myself. On our way south we spotted a swarm of wyverns hunting on the planes. I wisely instructed the group to seek cover and hope the beasts do not spot us.

I found an old farm house off in the distance, it had no roof but in my experience these buildings always have cellars for storage. While I was correct and there is a cellar, it was blocked by rubble from a wyvern attack recently. I instructed my new intern, Lyric, to find a way to clear the entrance to the cellar. She ingeniously turned herself into a giant badger and cleared the way, but unfortunately the door was locked. The very rotund goblin in the party decided to just toss a grenade at the door, and while it was effective at opening the way the sound could’ve woke the dead.

I assume that’s what it actually did as the next thing we find in the cellar is dozens of Tabaxi skeletons, and soon after their ghosts rising from the ground. They possessed one of the weaker willed of our party to tell us their story; this farm was their home for a long time, and they were generally at peace with the wyverns until one day a large swarm of them attacked them so they fled into the cellar for safety. Sadly in the wyvern attack their exits were blocked and they could not get out, as they starved to death in the cellar. They demanded that we get revenge for them or they would never rest in peace. The party was weary of the idea to attack an entire swarm wyverns all at once, but I convinced them that the risk was worth the souls of the poor Tabaxi here.

The fight went down just as I planned it out to the party with only a few of our party taking serious damage, first we snuck up on the wyverns nest and sent a few scouts to gather their number. The scouts reported there were at least ten of them if not more as they couldn’t stick around to count them without getting spotted. I created a distraction while our bird wizard set up protection for the party, my distraction drew one of the wyverns our way and we dispatched it swiftly. The sounds of the beginning of the combat unfortunately drew the rest of the wyverns all at once. But thanks to my quick thinking and leader ship the party was able to take them down quickly with only Tar getting knocked out once and Karash and Lyric being seriously wounded.

During our investigation to find the cause of these wyverns aggression we found a large stone egg which greatly interested our bird party member for an unknown reason. He was willing to carry it himself so I so no reason to not allow him to take it. We then returned to the farm house as we found nothing else of note.

The ghost who told us the story was the only to reappear and instead of possessing our poor weak willed companion, it simply motioned to place the egg in a corner. Our bird friend was reluctant to give up the egg, but after much convincing he relented and placed the egg down. After which the ghost moved into the egg and we heard a heartbeat coming from inside the egg that slowly became louder. The druids of the party spent a long time giving the egg a makeover as I spent time investigating the cause of the heart beat. With no luck on my investigation I told the druids to knock it off as the egg had become more colourful than Weloh and we started our trek back home. Our bird companion attempted to bring the egg with us as we were leaving but each time it grew too heavy to carry when it took it past a certain distance. Also of note the heartbeat grew louder and as it did it was clear that it was actually two heart beats coming from the egg, but as we had already spent enough time investigating the egg I instructed the party to leave and we made it back with nothing else of note happening.