DM: Geokhan

Characters: Emily, Frederic, Cade, Ska, Wolfgang, Thiala

Another day, another mission, another group of half-breeds and mongrels. It seems this is to be my lot on this “cursed” island of death. Corellon help me.

The rest of the scroll is written entirely in flowing Elvish script.

Once again, we set off from the mines in the direction of the Blood Eye Clan. This time, our goal was an abandoned library beneath some ruins, and the possibility of lost knowledge within.

Our journey to the ruins was largely uneventful. The only thing of note was the appearance of a gout of flame, similar to that of a Fireball spell, during the night.

Arriving at the ruins, we were surprised to find we were not alone. A gnoll greeted us with horrific laughter, and knowing the filth that is the gnolls on this island, we attacked.

To our surprise, six more gnolls joined him from the ruins around us. The battle was a difficult one, but my connection to the Weave, a clever Bane from Wolfgang, and Frederic’s expert use of his shield allowed us to pull through.

Once within the ruins themselves, we set about exploring without disturbing the demon-summoning books we had heard of. We ran into a creature who called himself the Librarian, who offered very little useful information regarding the place he called home. Though he was friendly enough, I suppose.

I read from a seemingly cursed scroll, and ended up babbling nonsense for minutes until Frederic laid his hands on me and cured the madness. Larry seemed to find this very funny.

We proceeded deeper into the library, venturing down a set of stairs onto the lower floor. There, we were accosted by a three headed beast known as a Chimera, and its skeleton lackies. Once again, a difficult fight. The fire breath in particular was rather nasty. 

However, Emily was able to keep the biggest threat pinned down by vines, which greatly assisted in our efforts. We defeated the beast and the undead, and searched the remains.

Unfortunately, we were in rather rough shape and were forced to retreat without fully clearing out the lower floor. Its rather upsetting, honestly. I would like to return so that we might find more of the supposedly forbidden knowledge that Larry spoke of. Perhaps I will get the chance soon.