DM: MrRazor
PCs: Ku’Han, Kurl, Gortan, Thalmior, Artorias, Rig

making his way to the tavern, Rig speaks to the empty space next to him.
Evil flydino fly towards All hide. Rig not like hide.
Rig looks a little sorry.
Oh, Rig not sure if flyskin evil. Rig think Gortan know.
Gortan throw lightning at them. Dino turns Gorton into halves.
Rig slay flyskins. No, no, Rig protect others.
Row certainty on his face again, Rig continues.
Many bones in forest. Rig saw huge Tracks south.
Rig leads to ratskins and pigskins skirmish from before.
Turning to the other side, Rig looks confused.
Yes, Yes, Artorias, dance a lot. Rig unsure why.
Continuing his way, Rig keeps talking as he enters the Bitter Dwarf Inn.
People grunt some time. Rig not understand.
Yes, yes, pigskin know common. Rig ask for evil to slay.
Pigskins laugh at Rig first, think Rig puny.
With slight anger on his face, Rig sits down at an empty table.
Rig not puny. Rig Ring King.
Rig told stories about ratskins. Pigskins not laugh.
Pigskins hate evil ratskin. Rig hate evil ratskin.
For a moment Rig looks up, addressing the barkeep.
Rig drink!
Turning back to the empty seat in front of him.
Pigskins Red Fist. Red Fist not like Broke Toof.
More pigskin tribes. Also Grim Jaw.
Red Fist, calls predator the Big. Predator leave bones.
Looking at the chair to his right, Rig bursts out in anger.
No, no Rig invincible. Rig could take the Big.
Calming down a bit, he faces again the emptiness in front of him.
Pigskins guide out of forest. meet pigskin camp next time.
Evil poison trollskin. Nasty poison. Trollskin run away.
Good for trollskin. Rig slay evil trollskin next time.
Looking at his right with an slightly angry and annoyed look on the face.
Yes, Rig do, rrghhh

Evils to hunt


fly, attack fly back.
dangerous charge.

Evil poison trollskin

Nasty poison touch.
dangerous in melee.
wounds close.