DM: Geokhan
Players:Scritch, Faenoa, Iquis, Oliva, Gor, Hope

what are the kenhra doing here near port miranda
Another Kenran Image

Altist leads the tribe to safety away from the oppression of the Yaun-ti and Lizard Folk. We will find a new life in the South
what are these strange symbols

I disembarked from the vessel that i had travaled to katashataca from and immideatly set out to gathering information after gathering the information that i could from the WMC Log library i set out to find a group willing to adventure with.

finding one we traveled on the road till we came to a mine that was old and in a disused state the leads into a flagstone room then into a small area with cave snails upon the ceiling the interesting feature of the mine was an around eight hundred pound hunk of quarts that seemed to be glowing however it was just a light spell cast upon a rock under the quarts after we found the rock

Iquis our curious Kenku friend touched the rock and got two souls of dwarf-like beings shoved into her body not long after that a shade or specter of some sort appeared and attacked us and I managed to punch a ghost which decided to Electrocute me after I punched it hard enough. then it attacked Iquis was disemboweled and seemingly died then she was stable after that our Kolbold Friend Skritch shot the shade in the head and killed it. two figures appeared and talked about how they had been fearing for their souls From that shade but were sad that their friends couldn’t join them this was in Primordial. we then rested as we all were quite injured

the after investigating the cave more we found a skeleton and a few more murals which I have crudely drawl atop this Paper .crossing the broken bridge we came to a room where we were swarmed by Little land Piranas many came and Iquis nearly died again but, we managed to survive and found nothing more of interest in the mine then we went back to port Miranda and then to the WMC.