Players: Red(Taaki), Pyke(Markan), Budda(Lokir), Bladetykon(Belanor), RobertB(Tuzok), Kudolink(Oros)
Date: November 1st 2020

The following text seems to be written on a torn out page from Markan’s journal

Entry #1 We meet in the city of White Moon Cove and after brief introductions set off through the portal into Ruined Oak before marching towards the Silent Forest in an attempt to find the man named Benson. Our objective is to perhaps negotiate with one of the spider princesses and convince one to help us in exchange of taking care of the other.

Entry #2 – A spool of thread lays on the road to the portal and Tuzok picked it up. We then teleported to Ruined Oak, some people seem to have been affected and so we decide to go into the town to rest up. As we make it out of the outskirts of the town we notice a small ornate silver key on the road and Lokir picked it up.

Entry #3 – We camp near Benson’s house, the rest was uneventful and we swiftly pack up and proceed towards the old geezer’s house. As we entered the house the party engaged in conversation with Benson in which it was revealed that Minikui, the aggresive spider princess, turns people into spider hybrids and Jojo, the passive one, entrances adventurers into never wanting to leave her lair. The party felt as though the plan to negotiate with either of them would prove too dangerous and they decided to change the goal of the mission into one of pest control. The party also took 3 vials of oil of hiding from spiders produced by Benson and proceeded to tell us that adventurers are welcome to rest in his cabin. We then decided to set off towards Mimikui’s lair in the north-east of Silent Forest

Entry #4 – As we marched towards our goal we found some old structure that seemed to have been a herbalist’s hut that was long since abandoned. It is possibly haunted as the party inside felt as though they are being watched. The party found an opened box inside containing small herb with an intense smell, later identified as snowsprig. The party then moved onwards.

Entry #5 – We have encountered spider-wolves, spider-squirrels and spider-frogs. they are all formidable foes and we have learned that spider-squirrels’ attacks cause paralysis and that the spider-frogs cannot attack if you exit their melee range.

Entry #6 – Mimikui appeared alongside three spider-humans. We were able to dispatch them and now the Silent Foods has one less princess warring over it. If it’s a good or a bad thing we’re going to have to find out. Afterwards we are taking a well deserved, hopefully undisturbed, rest.

Entry #7 – We left the woods and started marching back towards Ruined Oak. Nothing happened for the first leg of the journey and we were able to find a suitable place to rest at along the road.

Entry #8 – The rest was uneventful and we got to Ruined Oak and from there back to WMC.

The following page contains sketches of the people and monsters they’ve met.