Taking out on adventure, the group seamed unable to make up its mind on where to go. Though it wasn’t a long fight it was wasting time. Though out the travel I think I seen animal of small sorts. But I did not care to find out exactly what it was. My right eye now seeing half red of the world is a bit odd to get used to. And what seamed like ages we would come to what we where looking for.

(All images, though it did not really look like this, to Servant this was how he seen it)

A big Building taller then I could reach. Maybe even higher then I could go. One thing for sure, standing in its shadow felt odd. We did not go though the front door. Lyric had lead us though a side door into the place. That would lead into an organ playing itself. A nice tune I swear I may of heard from another life. Though I know I have only lived this one…. I would assume..

On entering the building are summon could not go inside. I found this uneasy. I hate being without Imp. His voice talks to me more when he is not around. I could help but keep trying to summon him as I fault I go insane without Imp.

Looking at this for a moment before we would step though a fog and go to another room with a statue. Lyric had warned us not to try to go pas it as it would move. So i stepped back. Lyric would go on and press its feet at the same time and a bell was heard. And the party started to talking. and after what felt like ages we would see

A strange ugly goat man. He spoke very oddly and He seamed like he didn’t want much to do with us. Thought we would press to see if they had a job for us. They had two. we could go out monolith hunting or play with wands. I personally wanted to play with the wands. my idea was try and keep one if I found a good one. But my hopes where dashed as they didn’t want to do this. But man was that Goat man ugly.

The monolith was odder then are group. it was big and black and seamed that it needed testing. What harm could it do right?….

We soon found are selves trying magic on it. First someone tried shocking grasp.. took the damage, next was acid spray, took that too, then fire damage and that is when it lashed out. Spitting that energy back at us. Thankfully I was out of range. Kaine was watching it with some kind of vision. Some kind of spell that let them see into the other plane, I think, or some other trick. I didn’t press for information as they where very bad at discriping anything to us. But Abu, tried healing spells on it. and on the other plane it was bleeding. So I helped using Imp to cast cured wounds on it it seamed to get damaged more and more. Abu and myself keep at this until Lyric casted one more spell and….!

A rift Open up under us. The whole ground sucking us up under it. Abu, Aldwin and there horse gone after being sucked into this rift. the monolith gone but the invisible cube on the other plane?, was still there. and after waiting an hour and no return of are fellow friends. We had no choice but to return home. Though they did tell the goat man what had happened. And they gave us information about a court, and something about a prison. Honestly I couldn’t get away from the thought that Abu, Aldwin where missing and I could do nothing to save them. I hope you two are alive out there somewhere. and if you are. I swear I will find you if you do not find me first.