I had been couped up for far to long inside the safety of the walls. After my last outing there were….. Complications upon my return and I have spent quite some time hidden away in my room. Deciding I could hide no longer and growing stir crazy as it was I made my way to the tavern proper to keep an ear out for anything interesting. Shortly after I started keeping an ear open I heard tale of a group of 3 men looking for a group of adventurers and made my way to investigate keeping my face well hidden. I did not have to look long for they were just outside of town, along my way I was joined by a few others. One among them was an older looking kobold with rust color scales by the name of Sokos, a somewhat surly fellow but proved to be a steadfast companion. Also among us was something new to me, a Kor by the name of Thelia, she was not to be understimated I would soon learn. A blue/purplish Tiefling by the name Arkim met up with us as well on the way and seemed to be somewhat new but handled themself well when it came down to it and had a keep eye for things, as well as a fellow half-elf by the name of Tharivol. So there we all gathered before this strange group, three men clad in odd fashion and a woman who introduced herself as Bethanna and who would serve as out guide. The group was looking for an artifact a small glass prism that they said would aid them find ‘their star’ day and night. We were told it likely rested in an ancient abandoned temple near the Neathy Woods and they had little else to tell us about it, never the less we started our journey to this temple to see what awaited us. The first part of our journey was fairly calm and went without much issue, we managed to locate the temple without conflict, a large dead pear tree marking it as the correct temple. As we made our way inside the place truly seemed deserted and we found little but trinkets,dust, and old bones. Upon further exploration however we discovered it was not as empty as we had thought we heard voices coming from one of the rooms inside the temple and when we came closer a voice called out to us asking if we were after “the treasure” then began to mumble about “sacrifices” we needed not wonder long the source of the voice for the creature revealed itself shortly there after. A strange creature that levitated and had tentacles and a large central eye floated out and attacked us followed by an impossibly large partridge. The strange creature attacked without much warning and we scattered and began to fight in earnest, the strange creature gave a decent fight but nothing we couldn’t handle and it fell dead shortly. The huge partridge attacked and knocked down Sokos but before it could do lethal damage it was taken down by Thelia. After everyone recovered slightly we searched and managed to find a chamber with a strange tree that seemed to have a sence of ‘void’ bout it as well as a hearth and a chest which contained the glass prism we sought, we also found a book containing information and some locations of other temples. Having what we came after we set out for home but along our way we were stopped by what seemed to be a talking ….fox. The creature asked for our help before some of his apparent compatriots showed up dragging a bound and gagged Satyr, they wanted us to help sacrifice the creature and join in their blood orgy afterward. Needless to say we refused and chaos insued, the creatures and their human companion all charged and we split apart to make harder targets, Thelia once again proved how fierce they could be by dropping the human with a shot to the heart and we picked off the other creatures. Upon their death they revealed themselves to be quests who had convinced some sorry sap to join them, we took what was valueable and continued on our way without incident. Upon reaching town the men were ecstatic to receive the prism and were to set on their way, Bethanna elected to stay behind to research the other temples but in an odd turn of events Tharivol elected to leave with the men as they left for new lands. Upon the men plus Tharivol leaving we said our goodbyes and returned to the saftey of the walls. I was throughly impressed by those I had travled with this time and was pleased the expedition went much better than the last. I have summed up the events in a shorthand fashion as I have other matters to attend to, as usual this island never ceases to amaze and suprise me and I hope to never encounter another talking fox in my life. As I write this it strikes me that I would never have thought an adventure would involve a partridge and a Pear tree.

-Emerion Frostweld