Gathering at the Axe-N-Thistle

DM: Geo


Leader: Gau | 4 Druid


Scout: Mathis | 4 Ranger

Trailblazer: Twikz | 4 Druid


Poindexter | 4 Fighter

Vivienne | 3 Pugilist

Gor | 4 Pugilist

Tuzok | 3 Sorcerer

Belanor | 2 Sorcerer , 1 Warlock


Yuna | 3 Grave Warden

Loving Brother | Yuna Minion

Saoch | 3 Sorcerer

Shuraar | 3 Druid

Sharptoof | 2 Barbarian

Mission: Defend the Crossroad between Jub Jub, Ruined Oak and White Moon Cove from the Gnoll Offensive

To the Spot

We set out with Grim on his cart to defend the crossroads and protect the suppyline for the Jub Jubs. If this place falls the Jub Jubs and thier weapons will be cut off from the rest of us. We rode in silence thinking about what wasthe come and what may happen. Not having much information on the gnoll forces ahead of us and looking at the person next us and wondering who might not be coming home. I was quickly snapped out of this thought process in seeing a familar banner flying as Centaurs patroled the road and I signaled them.

Khiron Wisehoof, Leader of the clan told us that they have been patroling Ishah Plains and are low on weapons to aid us in the Gnoll War. Lucky for them a group of adventuerers brought some Dwarves from Rehope to Ruined Oak and Rehope has some ammunition stocks to trade for food and lumber. We told Khiron to send an embasary to Ruined Oak to talk to the Dwarves. We continue camped for the night shortly after. Quiet night strange omen with that for sure… especially on this island. Few hours into the morning we found a few hobgoblins hunting on the plains and signaled them as well. We warned them of the Gnoll offensive and that they should prepare their village for war and to evacuate toward White Moon Cove for the time being. 

Defend the Supply Line

We arrived at the crossroads and the earthworks, shieldwalls, spikewalls and palisades were all there as well as supplies. We saw a heavy does of tracks to the northeast and gambled our defenses to funnel them from that direction. A few hunting traps to that side as well and we dug a couple pits behind us. We dug in and we waited… drums sounded and fog rolled in. From the south west we caught sight of some hyenea riders and realized this was already more difficult than we anticipated. In a pincher attack our druid dropped spike growth to slow down the riders and we confronted the rear attackers while the archers and other Gnolls advanced from the north east. 

The battle with the hyena riders raged on while the Gnolls in the north rained arrows as they advanced. We were having progress with the south part of the pincher attack when the drums and the fog broke Gor. He leaped the earthworks and charged into the northern enemy and with our focus split the gnolls quickly mowed him down with arrows and the bone gnolls claws. This did not deter us though as Gau thrashed some gnolls in his spike growth and a random unicorn that appeared helped us kill hyenas. 

As we finished off the threats behind us the Northern wave was crashing into our defenses. Springing the hunting traps and slipping by the makeshift walls. The leader of the this raiding party was firing magical ammo at us with multiple effects, earth shaking, acid and laughter. Vivienne and Tuzoc meet the enemies on one side joined by Gau and the unicorn. Mathis, Saoch, Sharptoof and myself forcused on the eastern side and Belanor, Twiks, Shuaraar, Yuna and her brother covered the middle ground going to whatever side was needed. Tuzok and Viv were under immense pressure and Tuzok fell after taking a string of massive hits. Twiks and I hit the ground as well and our allies responded quickly to get me and her back up… unfortantly It was too late for Tuzok. Mathis took a great shot at the Hunt Master and he stopped in his tracks falling over dead. This broke the rest of the gnolls spirit and the ystartedto retreat with thier leader dead. 

We cahsed some stragglers until we felt it was no longer safe to follow and searched the bodies for anything important…

The Way Home

We found a note on the the Hunt Master and were very happy wewarned the Blood-Eye before our defense of the crossroads.

We hurried to the Jub Jub camp  and shared what we knew. Grim told us the Jub Jubs should be bale to hold the crossroads from here on out. Yuna used a skill to speak to those that have died and asked Tuzok if he would like to return to the living and how he would like to do that. Tuzok was willing and we made some deals to have this action done. We then returned to White Moon Cove to warn the rest of AFK of the upcoming plans the Gnolls have. We need to hurry and send reinforcements to the Blood-Eye clan because the rumors I have heard is they are too stubborn to leave their home after the last incident thta happened there. I also feel the Blood-Eye village is an important spot regaurding movent through the plains. 

The red arrow is the direction the overland forces have to travel for the Gnollls. They have two major intersections along the way to White Moon Cove and Ruined Oak. One of them is the purple star at the crossroads… I will be refering to this location as Gory Crossroads. The fact that we control Gory Crossroads stops a good chunk of thier overland advancement to Ruined Oak and White Moon Cove and keeps our supply lines open. The second purple star is the Blood-Eye Clan village and this position poses a position they can defend and operate out of in the southern part of the Tempest Plains instead of having their main camp more northern.  If we can hold both of these areas then the Gnolls routes of attack are by water and their tunnels and both of these have disadvantages to use. The tunnels are only so wide and we can cut them off at entrance points knowing where they lead out of. By sea they have to make land to drop off troops and that gives us a way to attack them before the yhit the land. We should warn our allies up the coast as well as Gwendolyn and The Black Footpad Inn incase the ypivot to go through the woods.