A Report: Crystal Cavern Scouting

List of Actors

Stan playing BCS a Rogue 1,Wizard 1

Neal playing Durnek a BrbMnk 4

Armagite playing Kaleb a warlock 2

MrEd playing Cade a Warlock(COFSA) 3

Seph playing Ruebekka a Druid 4

Tiny Richard playing Arkim a Wizard 1

DM Geokhan playing everything else!

For those that don’t know me, I am Kaleb, a Kecuala Lizardfolk.
I have only been here a few days and have only read a few of logs left here at the Axe & Thistle. Even though it has only been a few, I have noted a possible site to explore, which I will refer to as Crystal Cavern.
Wishing to set out, I requested help from the locals, who are as follows.
A bird person (a Kenku I believe), who gave a bloodcurdling scream as their name, who will be referred to as BCS henceforth.
Durnek, a turtle creature.
Cade, a magic user, who I believe is human.
Ruebearka, a Dwarf, who can turn into a bear.
A late joiner, Arkim, another magic user.

Spider of Leng

Day 1:
Having a rough idea of where the cavern was situated, bearing west from White Moon Cove, we set out early along the western road. Nothing untoward happened, bar BCS finding an unusual piece of coal (later we would learn that it looked like a precious gem to some folk).
At the end of the road we turned south, where we picked up signs that we were being followed. Thinking best to make camp, we turned back west to make camp early, and deal with any possible ambushes. We found a ruined hut with pumpkins growing inside, and decided this was a suitable spot to make defensible. After checking the place was not hazardous, we started to prepare, but before we had the chance, we were attacked, by what I recognised as a Spider of Leng (see drawing insert above). The creature was bigger than myself, and longer.
These creatures are intelligent, hence why it waited until we were off guard, They are extra-planer in nature. It started by trying to surprise Durnek, who was lucky enough not to be fully overwhelmed, though he was bitten. We quickly dispatched the foe, with a combined ranged and close assault. Unfortunately, due to its nature, we could not harvest anything useful, as upon death, it dissolved before our eyes.
The night shift was very eventful.

A Svirfnevlin

First Event:
Having just settled down, we went about taking shifts. Not an hour into the first shift, we were approached by a group of Gnomes. They are referred to as Svirfnevlin (see picture). They approached us openly and requested our aid. Appearing to be a little frightened, they asked that we help them reclaim and avenge their fallen kin, who had died while trying to explore a nearby cavern. This so happened to be the cave system we were searching for. I agreed to talk with them more about details when I was to take my shift, but until then, they were welcome to make camp with us, as night was falling.

Second Event:
I was roused from my sleep once again, by the sound of shouting. Making my way to the camp entrance, I saw a woman in leathers, accompanied by a furry animal, no bigger than a dog, running from a group of bandits. I cast a warning shot at the group of bandits, and called to the woman that she would find safety within our camp. The bandits persisted, until the rest of the part opened up with various magical and ranged attacks. The group retreated, leaving one dead bandit behind them – which I prep tended to, finding some trivial rewards. What information the woman imparted to the rest of the party, I do not know, for I was out of earshot.

Third Event:
Upon my shift, I talked to the Svirfnevlin, and learned they had a small community near the town. They were seeking to start excavating in the area, which just so happened to be the cave my group was heading to. Plying them with questions, I discerned a better and more accurate location for the cavern, which admittedly, saved us a few days of searching. They also requested while talking, that we deal with any threat in the cavern, and bury any of their dead we came across (I still need to go back to them to tell them that the area is not yet safe, though we did find, and bury, their fallen kin).

Fake Winged Kobold
Mechanical Creature

Day 2
Breaking camp was a loud affair, as the Svirfnevlin headed back to their community, and the rescued woman parted ways with our group while we headed west, over the plains. About three hours out from the cavern, we found signs of abandoned camps. Tracks leading south showed a party of 4 – 5 people had left, pursued by a large, clawed creature that we could not identify. Voting, we decided it was best to push on to the caverns, as the signs from the camp were old, and we doubted we would actually find the missing party before days end.
We arrived at the cavern entrance and decided that my dark vision would be best suited to lead, but decided to all advance, as stealthily as possible. This was a mistake/ Rounding the first corner of the tunnel, I came face to face with a Kobold, dressed in fake wings (see picture).
I tried to rush the Kobold, but I was hit by several multicoloured magic spheres. I lost consciousness briefly, but came to through the aid of one of my fellows, to find a pitched battle with three of them taking place, each of the creatures casting magic. A cloud of fog had filled the area, I think this may have been an illusion created by one of my allies. This helped greatly in our defeat of the Kobolds. We found several gems upon them, which they appear to have fined from the area. As a note to the area, there are large clusters of mushrooms, covered in russet mold. Fire did nothing, but my light fire killed them.
Venturing further into the cave, we found nothing else of hostile intent, but we did find the bodies of the Snirfnevlin kin (we tended to the bodies after we finished exploring).
We then noted a worked stone door on the north face of the cavern. Deciding it would be a good idea to explore, and maybe see whether this would lead us further into the crystal part of the cavern, we went through, and found signs of several things.
First, a stone book (upon reading the wording of this book, Ruebearka decided it was best to stay outside – something about despoiling the dead, though I can’t think how an already dead body be spoiled, unless through age).
Second, a tomb, with three stone coffins – one more intricate than the others, with a statue of a Dwarven body, lying upon the top.
Third, the most interesting room that we could get any information out of. In it, was a vast crystal, glowing faintly blue. The magically inclined within the party discerned that the effect was cast upon the crystal. At the rear of the room, was a statue, depicting a man, seemingly an early explorer of the region, who had left some interesting notes. The first was a greeting, the second, a riddle. I keep these off my public log, as we did not finish properly clearing out the cavern. Please note this is why I have kept our distances traveled vage, as I wish to lead a party back there, to finish what has been started. It is important to also note, that we found an item that has had a wish spell used in its creation. Again, specific details will be kept from my public log, for safety.
We moved on further into the cavern where we were again set upon by creatures, this time, two mechanical beings (see picture above).
These things attacked the mind, but were easily dispatched through a combined effort by ranged and magic attacks (I would like to add that Ruebearka did come to our aid when the fighting broke out, but the fight had ended swiftly. She again left to wait outside, still muttering about despoiling tombs). These mechanicals were guarding a room with a carousel in the centre, which was empty, though appeared to have once held a number of books.
The day was getting on, and rather than take up more time exploring, I decided it best to return than risk being caught out on the plains at night. We reached our previous camp at dusk, and quickly bedded down for the night, again taking shifts, but this night, all was peaceful.

Day 3:
We traveled back, joining the road, and heading back into town. Along the way, we picked up a small trinket we found lying at the edge of the road, and found a paupers grave, in need of repairs. We carried on, undisturbed, until we reached the town, at which point we made our discoveries regarding the items we had picked up along our journey, and sold what we did not need.

Herein ends my report for those that come after.

A quick note; if anything I have reported is unclear, it is because I either do not know yet how to describe these things, or it is for safety. I appreciate anybody that comes after reading this who is able to expand upon my knowledge of the area, for further use.

My thanks for reading, and for future aid.