The greatest bard that ever graced the greats!

DM; Geokhan

After my less than acceptable encounter with the Gnoll warforce, I plunged myself into research, putting plots together from log after log after log…

Now I cannot confirm all of it, but my theory is that leftovers from previous incursions have joined forces. With the Gnolls having taken my blood, it would only make sense for evil cultists to have some need for such things. But I would be smart not to travel alone, and gathered a mixture of decent and new adventurers, a large party of eight to be exact.

From the adventurers who arrived with me, I brought my Babushka, the odd but useful Grimlock and Jevin. Thinking this journey would proof useful to the new comers, I took in as many as were available for an excursion to the mountains. Manek, a large man in armour, Tehran an even larger being, the small Gin the kobold, and Akrady a fellow in the musical arts.

The path we treaded

We began our journey North, finding our way along the roads, we came upon a caravan of merchants who I had previously encountered. Passing greetings and warnings were exchanged from both sides, and onwards we continued.

With me as the leader, positively better than Yatari I might say, we began making good time as Manek chose to be our scout and my Babushka our trailblazer, they and another hunted for our large party, keeping us well fed on our way. We encountered a pack of Spinosaurus hunting small game across the Ishah Plains, but they seem uninterested in us.

One night as we rested by the fire, an odd squirrel approached our came. Helican De Vontah he declared himself, and warned us of a strange being who had tampered with the portal at white moon cove. Seeing this as quite concerning, I kept it in mind and am sending this Log with messengers from the Jub Jub, where we made our stop. Someone should check out the portal before people get themselves killed or worse.

We said our goodbyes to Helican and he wished us well, returning to our rest…Yet another watch unfolded bothersomely. A pack of wolves came out of the snowy plains, hunting us.

Battle ensued with the wolves, Grimlock, Manek, Tehran and Granny taking the frontline, Arkady and I kept our distance and threw our magiks at the beasts while Gin took further distance and backed us up from afar.

Quickly we dealt with the wolves, the pack proving no issue for a large party such as ours. I had put a few to sleep and attempted to calm and communicate with one, hoping for a tame tracking hound, but alas such wild creatures care only for the hunt and the laws of nature. Putting the beasties down, we gathered meat for the journey and pelts for trade.

We continued our journey in the morning, finding not many more encounters until we spotted the strange portal well to the west of road to the Jub Jub mines. Water was overflowing from it and coins had been seemingly hammered into the cracks in the stone. A party vote was issued to see whether we should investigate or move on, knowing better than to tamper with arcane artifacts upclose and with little time, we decided to move on.

But, as we took off the road just a bit and made camp, preparing to research the area for the Tsaran Ruins. Our two people on watch that hour, heard the cries of a baby.

Everyone was woken up, and while I attempted to keep everyone away, ah the silly fresh meats rushed on in.

We discovered a strange blueish baby dwarf inside a cage, and then everything began going to shit.

Tehran was affected first, his mind seemingly swapping with the baby inside the cage, and his body turning to attack us. While Manek held him down, the rest of us attempted to figure it all out.

All magic sent to the cage was absorbed, but as it was hit physically, cracks began to appear.

Then…How should I put this?…The baby was…Yee…Thr…Grimlocked. The cage with the baby inside it was Grimlocked into the air and onto a bunch of rocks.

Our frontliners dove upon it as the magic affected Gin.

And as it was splattered open, the whole thing shattered into dust.

After further recollection, we realised this was a Derro Fetal Savant, place here by someone to disrupt us. Perhaps the cultists? We do not know.

Putting this horrifying experience to the back of our minds, we made our way to the Jub Jub mines and made rest there. Discovering it had been fortified after my warning, I asked the foreman there to send along this log.

Beware out there my fellows…Dangerous things are amiss.