Timmy Joined a group of 5 interested in scorpions, i though we were getting some pets but Timmy wasn’t listening. We all introduced each other and it seemed some thought Timmy was careless or just a little naive. Thats ok he’s both, but Timmy survived so lady luck loves him, she is a cat after all.

Our expedition included Sunny, Siana, Zeren, Finn, piper and Timmy. Sunny has a friend named Flopsy that comes at night. Siana is a druid, Timmy cant wait to see what she can do? Zeren seemed very smart. Finn acts like some sort of sneak, Timmy should know he’s a sneak himself, and piper seems like a nice well rounded person, Timmy likes her.

Mehib’s pet water elemental

We arrived at a tower with and old man named Mehib and a pet puddle, he was not very nice, Timmy was looking for a way up and they got mad at me and yelled at me, for fear of being mistreated by humans once again, Timmy curled into the corner hoping to not attract his ire. It seems he found this tower and its books and he hasn’t even read them all but still really possessive.

We found an altar in the woods after searching for days. after searching a round we found a note telling the cultist where to meet, we decide to set up an ambush, Timmy hid in a tree, his favorite place. We captured one and Timmy tried his special interrogation technique but it didn’t work. he only got stabbed.

We rested and tried to interrogate the hostage but he was dead, i think fin tortured him wrong, my technique didn’t work but at least i didn’t kill him.

after some time we found a cottage in the woods, and everything looked ok until we found the cellar full of scorpions, Timmy was excited to finally get a pet scorpion until everyone started trying to kill them, he has totally misunderstood it all. this is a search to kill scorpions, and that made Timmy sad. So we killed some baby scorpions ones and some daddy and mommy scorpions, it was all a very sad thing. But Timmy was able to save one of them and everyone left it alone, i hope he finds love and makes a family far from scorpion exterminators.

We searched and found a scroll, potion, some gems and gold Timmy thinks, but we decided it was time to go home and rest. on our way home we ran into to this guy, Siana said it would be safer just to go around and so we did, we got home safe with no deaths unlike my last adventure, i will always remember what’s- his-name.

Siana’s elephant opportunity