The Adventure of The Silent Panic

DM: Geohan

Party:Thoradin, Tishrn??? Who knows….






Heading to the Marshes - Day 1

This adventure would start as any normal mission when leaving from White Moon Cove, but little did we know we would be coming back with one less this time and answers still left unanswered. We Decded as a group to head to The Ghostwood Marsh and find a Ziggurat that was reported there and see what we could find. Just prior to leaving we designated Tehran as our leader for this adventure, Antonio as our scout and Evraal as our Trailblazer. The first day of travel was pretty uneventful. Just prior to arriving to the outskirts of the marshes we came across a group of three gnome riding horses. Our talk with them was short but they said they were leaving the marshes after an uneventful hunt. They did warn us of potential gnolls in the marshes, but nothing else before heading back to WMC. Upon setting up camp on the outskirts of the marsh on our first night we did encounter a strange amount of stray cats that came to see us, they did not hram just asked for fod. Also on the last watch we came across a strange painting of a landscape that we decided to take with us back to WMC.

The Marshes - Day 2

The 2nd day of our adventure we were in the North East part of the Ghostwood Marsh. we came across a strange antique totem in the middle of a clearing. I decided to investigate this area as it had strange runes carved into it. Upon looking over the stone totem i saw that the runes were actually carved in primordial and the tip of the totem had cracked off and fell on the ground. I was able to find out that the primordial carving reference to change and how the world changes daily. Upon finding this out i decided it would be best to restore this piece back to its original form, i picked up the broken tip and mended it on top of the totem. This is when this changed, there was a glow to the totem the moment it was put back together and my appearance had change. I LOST MY MANHOOD!!! By the gods I was somehow cursed by this totem and magically my gender had changed, while i was quite uncomfortable now with having less room in my armor with my huge breasts i was quit an attractive dwarf if you ask me…. After looking at the backside of the totem i found moon cycles carved into it possibly referring to this curse lasting a full moons cycle till the next full moon. Not wanting to have anything to do with this cursed totem anymore the party decided to move on.

The Marshes ....continued - Day 2

Upon the party and I moving forward in the marches we came across the massive ziggurat we have been sent out here to discover. Upon getting closer we discovered several Tortle archer scouts on the tiers of the structure. Vatumal and myself went closer trying to get a closer look, Vat transformed himself into a rat and scurried up the stairs and informed us upon coming back that there were at least 6 Tortles in total, possibly more. We decided to advance a little bit to try to charm one and gain its trust but that quickly escalated to a heated battle. Vatumal transformed into a bear and the battle began!! Many hits on both sides missed but as we started to make a clearing and head up the stairs thats when things started to turn for the worse. We were beginning to be struck by poisoned tip arrows and they¬† were launching two-headed dogs our way with magic using Totrles. We were getting hit hard and a few comrades even fell but i was able to get them back up with the help of others. Upon seeing more enemies advance from within the entrance at the the top we had to make a retreat as we were all badly hurt and running out of spells to cast. upon our retreat Tehran and myself took the rear to make sure everyone could get out. within the last 60 yards left to leave they unleashed hell on Tehran before i could do any heals to him. When I tried to heal him once more I found out there was nothing else that could be done and that he was gone…..

Heading home - Day 2

As we fled the Tortles at the Ziggurat the party was quite. I took the lead and lead the remaining party back to WMC. We hurried out of the marshes and hurried to back to the main road. On our way out of the Mashes we came across a vile monster chasing us but with little moral left and all of us hurt we doubled time away from the marsh. We set camp one last time before hitting the road back home.

The Return Home - Day 3

With a heavy heart in our soles the last day back home was uneventful as we traveled back to White Moon. With one less body in the party and many answers left unknown, the next goal for me is heading back to that vile Ziggurat and curing all evil of that place. Hopefully we can find Tehran’s body next time we go and give him the proper burial he deserves.


– Thoradin