PC: Mili’Anderus, Ragnar, Captain Shaun Willow, Vuldred, Jax

I was leading Mili’Anderus, Ragnar, Captain Shaun Willow and Vuldred to the south. We discovered a set of pillars with strange markings I could not read any of them but my companions there able to read them and Mili’Anderus took some time to comprehend them.

After we had deciphered the meanings of the markings we experimented a bit with them and tried touching them, we could feel some arcane power but we there not able to release it and maybe it was for the best, who knows what would get set free.

We decided to mark those pillars on the map and move on. during our rest, we got attacked by some dinosaurs after fighting them off we moved a little bit away from the scene and continued our rest, only to get ambushed by some hound-like creatures that frightened half of our group with their howls. After defeating them Ragnar said something about hearing a voice mocking us and shortly after everyone started talking in some Language I could not understand. I felled a bit left out but also kind of fell the tension growing. I thought about blessing some of us but discarded that as I got a better Idea, maybe I should go in the water and swim for a while in the deep. I do not know there that thought come from at the time but it seemed logical.

Well as you can guess swimming in a splint mail is not that great and i started to drown. Normaly i’m able to just walk over water, but our previous fights had exhausted me enough that i was not able to get that spell off. Good for me my companions wrapped some rope around me and with there help i was able to get up again and swim to the shore. I could now see a beautiful succubus hovering near us. I did not understand why everyone tried to attack  her, she seemed so nice. I saw that Ragner and Vuldred there at the other site of the river and Vuldred was down, so i kept throw some healing word on him. 
The Succubus did come towards me and i was happy that she wanted to kiss me. But at the moment of the kiss dark energy went through my body and her charm fall off. I quickly realized what had happened and put all my effort into taking that fiend down. Badly damaged she disappeared. The fight was over but it did not felled like a victory, luckily everyone was still alive.

After that we decided it was better to go back to town and rest. On our way back we encountered some spidery monstrosities, but they quickly fled after we destroyed one of them. We then made it back to the savety of White Moon Cove.