A Small Favor?


Unit Members Ogis, Lilith, Reb, Silthon, Varon

Hearing chatter about old lady Morgantha having objects moving around, it was decided to do a wellness check on her. The first days travel went without incident.  That night we were attacked by wolves and then by two old men wearing red caps.  The wolves seemed to be a normal wilderness encounter though for them to attack with our numbers and a fire going did seem a bit odd.  The red capped old men on the other hand.  They came with murderous intent.  A member of the unit was able to understand them and was unable to talk them down.  They were very vicious and strong for their look and dangerous.  They might be in some sort of gang signified by the red caps they wore and might be on some sort of drug or other effect to explain their strength in combat.  That night one of our night watch saw a minstrel walking alone at night singing.  He was not directly encountered or identified. 

The second day we found Morgantha, and old lady seemly to be in 80’s in the middle of a small farm stead.  She seemed to be a bit addle-minded.  Expecting to not find much, we entered the house to check things out.  The house was dusty and looks like no one has lived in it for a while except for some rats.  Lilith sensed some magic from a closet and we found an animated skull that was the controller of a portal.  The skull ended up calling Morgantha its master and she had created it.  We got Morgantha to come into the building to be confronted by the skull.  After some talking with her she became frustrated with us and confessed to us that her sister was supposed to come out of the portal and kill and rob us.  At this point a fight broke out and her sister, a Succubus I think they called her, started to come out of the portal.   During the fight the skull was destroyed in hopes of limiting an exit for the perpetrators, but before it closed completely Morgantha escaped through it.  Before the Succubus was able to enter the closing portal she was grappled and thrown to the floor.  The Succubus did not stop struggling and eventually was killed while trying to prevent her from escaping.   Fearing for the surrounding occupants we broke into the next house and found owner sleeping and left without disturbing him.  We figured that the Witch did not kill the locals since she was looking for loot and the locals helped keep her cover story going and to bring adventurers to her.  So we decided to head back to town. 

Following the river north it started to rain and we decided to find cover in a cave for the night.  The natural cave had a man-made bridge over a creek that was connected to a small pond.  During the night we found out that cave was not uninhabited and that there was a man-made room in the back.  The creatures that were in the cave seemed to be shambling around and not too intelligent so we had an animal companion distracted them till morning and then we left. 


Morgantha is still at large and is able to create portals to other places.  She has lost her “sister” and may be looking for revenge.

Red Cap gang could be more, so be on the watch.

Minstrel alone at night might be a good source of information of the area, or a criminal element to be watched since he did not fear walking alone in the wilderness. 

Cave should be investigated to find out more about what was living in the cave.  They could be dangerous and might need to be evicted due to the proximity to the small farm settlement.