Tsi88 as the Dungeon Master

Nartzim as Twiks
Human – 4, Druid 4

Geokhan as Jerime
Gnome – 2, Scholar 2

Seph as Olivia
Gnome – 4, Rogue 3, Wizard 1

Mal as Glanfath
Goliath – 3, Barbarian 3

JordanMJenkins as Bobo
Dwarf – 2, Monk 2

LuckyGeek as Acaelus
Elf – 2, Rogue 1, sorcerer 1

Babi always told me: “When the farmer is in need, help him. Because any problem a farmer fears will soon grow to be a guards fear, and what the guards fear we have to fix anyway. Therefore you might as well deal with the problem before it grows big. Just like the weed, now go tend your garden.”
(The last part isn’t as important, but most of her instructions ended that way and who am I to deny good advice.)

For this reason I was ready to help, when the crazy farmer burst in to the tavern, spouting nonsense of bandits in the forest, and having lost all of his tools to said bandits. It was clearly just some local hobo, but Babis instructions were quite adamant, so we promised to kick the bandits ass at least twice, before heading south from Port Mirandia.

Half a days travel south we stumbled upon a corpse. Someone had quite the unfortunate accident and tripped onto a handful of arrows, which now dotted out his back. Clumsy folks around these parts, he had even dropped his coinpurse elsewhere, for it wasn’t on his person anymore. Of course we had to check it out, bandits and arrows do go hand-in-hand, even if the notion of them in the forest is quite silly.

A few hours in the forest, we had to stop and ask for direction. There were quite a handsome bird, who knew of a nice berrybush (note to self, go back and try it out). It pointed us northeast where at least 9 bandits had made quite a bit of noise. Well, even birds can mistake innocent campers for bandits if they sing loud enough, but still, we should probably go remind them to clean the campsite before they leave.

We spend the night, it was briefly interupted by a large group of frogs hopping past our camp setting off all sort of alarms. We let them pass, having already had our filling of roots and greens. As sun rose we traveled to the campsite, which turned out to be a cave. Jerime the gnome gave us a few pointers in not-sounding-like-a-charging-goliath, which I appreciate, before heading inside. It didn’t take long before battle ensue with the residents. Zombie and skeletons, no bandits of course.

Turns out the people I traveled with knew a thing or two about beating up the dead, for it didn’t take long before we were alone in the cave. Checking around Olivia found the entrance to a strange chamber with a chest. Lots of dead people were strewn around the ground and before they could get up and be undead, Glanfath, an oversized man, bashed their skulls in with his hammer.

As he took the turn a pile of tools suddenly started eating him. After we dealt with it a rug sprang up to have its turn. Blasting all other rugs we left, Acaelus having already secured the contend of the chest.

In another half-hidden room, we found the farmers tools, a balista and another chest. We grabbed what we could, which unfortunately didn’t include the balista. That thing had been bolted directly into the cave wall.

Heading home we made quick time. We convinced the farmer his trouble had been dealt with and where he could pick up a free ballista. He didn’t seem quite as interested in it as I had expected, but the fool probably don’t know its many applications.

All in all, Babi would be proud.

Twiks the Witch