And so our adventure began. As we made our first introductions and soon head over to the portal we came across as what may seem like a wizard duel, but we decided not to get involved. It’s not our business to stop them and we have more important task before us, we can’t afford to waste time staring at such sights. If you want to see magic, I’ll gladly cast some eldritch blasts for you, no one? Alright, time to go then.

Once we reached the portal, some of us got affected by extreme cold upon teleportation, however even tho it was my first time using such a portal, it felt quite nice. I ended up on the luckier side of the spectrum.

After that we head out into the forest, but before we got to it, it got dark so we had to spend the night outside. No problem, I didn’t really hear anything or see anything. Naturally we went into the Benson’s house, had a little chat there, he told us about the princesses, that one of them is a snake spider up north who turns creatures into spider monsters, her name was Minikui. The other one is a “nice” spider named Jojo, who is so nice and gives people food to eat etc, to the point that they don’t want to leave.

Well is it just me or Jojo sounds suspicious? Mind manipulation or charm? Who knows, but it definitely sounds like a bunch of brainwashing. So as we don’t have any protection versus mind control, we decided to visit Minikui. Before we head out, Benson gave us three spider stealth potions or whatever that was, we applied them to our boots during our travels.

Benson actually changed our minds, we came with the idea of talking and reasoning with the princesses, perhaps making one of them win the fight against the other princess, for exchange for safe travel through this forest, but we came to the conclusion, that they are far too dangerous and couldn’t be reasoned with, so we decided to launch the top secret mission called “Pest control, the attack on Minikui”.

Our travel towards Minikui was quite safe, perhaps the potions of stealth from spiders made us travel so easily. Next to the Minikui encampment, (directly west), we found an abandoned herbalist shop with some herbalism stuff inside. Soon after we came across a bunch of spider-wolves, spider-frogs and spider-squirrels. Boy oh boy. That was the highlight of our day. Don’t mess with the spider-abominations.

So first of all spider-frogs can’t attack you if you leave their range, and they explode on death, splashing acid all over the place, and even if you are quick on your feet and avoid half of the acid, you still get hurt quite a bit. Acid = bad, burn it into your brains, if you ever go to silent forest.

Spider-wolves were probably the easiest foes to defeat, they didn’t do much, from what I could tell. Typical spider-dogs I guess?

Spider-squirrels were the most troublesome foes I have seen so far. It sprays poison that can paralyze you. Several of my comrades spent half the battle laying on the ground, not a nice sight to see, and not much I could of done to help them.

After a quick work of these monstrosities, came the final boss. Yes, you guessed it, it’s your favorite princess, Minikui. Half spider, half snake. I’ve never seen such monstrosity, and this sight has truly burned into my brain. She was accompanied by two half spider half human creatures, probably unlucky travelers, who became turned into spiders. Sucks to be them, but I can’t do anything about it so I don’t care.

The battle was tough, however my comrades are pretty good at taking the attention of these creatures. Lokir’s familiar Ghost did some insane dance moves while being attacked by Minikui, and believe it or not, he was dodging her attacks while non stop dancing. I’ve never seen anything like it, but hey, maybe I should sign up for dance lessons.

*next comes a part that’s been kind of scribbled over, as if the writer wanted to delete this part*

In the midst of the battle, our other caster Belanor shot an eldritch blast into himself and turned blind. While I somehow managed to cut my clothes with the next two eldritch blast shots, I was left with pants on the floor and shirt as well. But there was no time to fix it, it’s the middle of the battle, so I kept shooting and shooting and missing and missing, it’s quite tragic indeed, I wish to forget this event.

Anyways one after another spider-men fell down to their graves, they weren’t quite as challenging as the squirrels, and soon after an insane rage from our half-orc, who cut Minikui so deep, blood and other parts were flying all over the battlefield. I’ve never seen a man let out such a burst of powerful attacks before. But alas, that’s the end of our battle, Minikui is dead, and I guess Jojo will have the forest taken over the next time we come back.

We might come back later, to clean up the other princess, and hopefully rid the forest of the spiders, and give Benson an easier life. We rested at the spot of the battlefield, I fixed my armor and we uneventfully went back.

Here’s a scribble of how Minikui, the fallen spider princess looked like.