DM: Geokhan
Johnny2Cs/Snowball/Monk 4
Wade/Till/cleric 1 sorc 3
TempyVixen/Inti/Cleric 3
Troy/Destiny/Sorc 1
Rhiwaow/Cally/2, 1 Rogue, 1 Warlock
Sir_Jynx/Caslech/Warlock 4
iTakBigDumps/Gannicus/Barbarian Fighter 2

Day 1
Snowball traveled with a group unknown to him. Though there was another Tabaxi named Inti, whom reminded me a bit of Pacha. I still miss Pacha…. I didn’t say anything, but I vowed to keep this Tabaxi safe, not matter the cost. But you don’t go running your mouth to Inti, you hear!

We wanted to investigate rumors of a stranger pillar off the coastline to the north of WMC. And after a day of travel, the group made camp for the night and during Inti and Cally’s watch I was awoken by them finding some friends named Gordan and Lazonzo; a human fisherman and his tortle friend. They rattled on insistently during my beloved sleep, only to wake me up for my watch when they were done! Cursed smug tabaxi.

While I gazed out upon the ocean still sleepy in the eyes, three white lights began to shoot in the air. They seemed to originate from what we now know is the location of the pillar! The Great and Powerful Gonzo tried to trick me into believing this was one of his magic tricks, but Snowball was not having any of it!

Day 2
When we awoke, Snowball told the party what he saw the night before. Gordan asked if it was a big orange light out over the ocean that appears at night (it wasn’t). But it is something worth looking into! Apparently this is a regular occurrence, and Snowball will be watching the horizon at night. We part ways with the pair before heading on our way.

The creatures that chased us! Jerks!

Later on, we spot a weird dust devil out in the distance. Ever the curious type, Snowball chooses to investigate! As there are few faster nor more nimble than him on the island, no?! Inti insisted on coming with me, and as a tabaxi I knew he would at least not slow me down too much in a pinch. We saw a group of flying creatures in the distance that were creating all the commotion, and Snowball believes that Inti gave us away! As they started to chase us we quickly made our way back to the group.

They followed us, and spoke Draconic (atleast that’s what Inti told me) as he began to speak to the blasted things! They wanted to know if we were food or toys. Being quite cleaver, Inti told them we were toys, but not the type to drop from high distances. The Great and Powerful Gonzo stepped in and began to dazzle them with a wide display of magical effects to amuse and distract the creatures. They still looked like they wanted to take Inti, so I summoned my Astral Self to Dissuade them to… minimal effect. Snowball can fight with the best of them, but he is a lover, and it shows in his eyes. Still, it seemed like Gonzo’s gambit paid off, as they decided to leave us alone.

This one is dangerous!

That night, Snowball looked forward to getting a good nights rest, but it was not in the cards. He was awoken during Inti’s watch again (Coincidence?) to a strange dancing skeleton chasing after Inti! He quickly set up some fancy copies oh himself as we rushed the thing. It was looking a bit rough at first. Normal attacks would not hurt the thing much, but Snowball’s Claws really hurt it! But then Till launched an amazing light at it that hit that stupid skeleton right in the face!!! Woo! Snowball used that moment to strike with fervor! Alas, it seemed to escape with some sort of illusion spell, and we could not find the thing.

Snowball knows little of magic, but could sense this thing is strong. If encountered, please be careful.

After all that it was time for Snowball’s watch again, we sat and watched out for the foul creature during the night. We swore we could hear it laughing at us, but maybe our minds played strange tricks on us.

Tower in the sea by IvoryDreamz on DeviantArt

Day 3
We finally made it to where Gordan told us the pillar was! Standing in the shadow of the massive pillar, our arcane inclined friends noticed some glyphs on the door. Approaching cautiously on some craftly made ice stairs, we were attacked by some strange fish people! Snowball has sense been told these things were called Sahuagin… or maybe it was Chicagoan?

Either way a battle quickly broke out, as our friend Destiny was quickly on the ground, leaving most the group to form around her. Snowball was doing his best around a few of the fish folk, but he hadn’t slept well the nights before. While they could do little to hurt Snowball (For he is quick and cunning and brave), Snowball was hjis own worst enemy! It shames me to admit that I hurt my arm swinging at one fish creature, and another deflected my astral claw back into my Snowballs!

Despite that, my friends helped and dispatched these smelly fish folk. After a quick breather, we ran back into Grodan and Lazonzo. They wanted to make sure were not too in over our heads when they sent us to the tower. They helped us over there, and we made it inside.

Inside the pillar there was strange writing on walls, apparently in the Deep Speech (who or what speaks Deep, Snowball knows not) “Counsel Island Defense Pillar 0017”, was on a wall, and “Defense Unit 887 Abnormal – Calibration needed at the Location Tuning Site 004”, was written on a strange red gem in the room. This smarty pants stuff was not as much fun for Snowball but we did learn the general area where the site should be! Its Southwest of WMC! While the spell people investigated the books and writings, the real geniuses wasted no time in searching for treasure! And we managed to find a good amount of gems, and in a latch near the top of the tower we found like looked like a graveyard for those fish people. After exploring for a bit longer, the gem started flashing red and Destiny told us to evacuate! Snowball wasted no time running out of there either, easily outrunning the group!

After we left the pillar we ran into Gordan and Lazonza one more time at their fishing shack. They were kind and gracious, and fed us sweet delicious fish sticks! Snowball still has dreams about how good they were. They offered us to stay, and the group reluctantly left; wanting to make good time back to WMC. Luckily for everyone, we had a peaceful journey back! I look forward to looking for this next station.

Approximate location of Tuning Site 004