Nalkris and Avarace joined up with a new group of adventures, some known faces, some he had only briefly seen, but never travelled with before.

Ceri, the cleric of Kelemvor, whom he had travelled with before and fought the necromancer warlock with
Rael Erewyn, the tinkering elf who had abstained from fighting the necromancer due to his conscious.
Zilgrim, last living member of his family, small fella.
Oogway, scrawny young warrior
Vestrivan, young rogue, who admitted to have commited murder

We quickly elected Rael to lead us on our trip to the Stone Alter north of the Gray Protector Inn west of Ruined Oak.
After some discussion, we wanted to investigate a stone alter and first go ask a tribe of seafolk, called Kua-toa about it, that Rael knew about.
We ate some special seaweed that Rael knew about that allowed us to breath underwater and set to cross the lake west of Ruined Oak.

After an seemingly long day of swimming beneath the surface of the lake, we spotted an underwater village, a strange fish creature, I later learned was a Kua-toa, came up, beckoned us to the surface and we all had a conversation with him, or well, Rael did, as the only one speaking this creatures language. I bonded a bit with Avarace again, whom I had missed beneath the water.

We headed back to shore, and travelled on along the road, made camp, they foraged a rabbit, enough for 3 people, I ate my rations.

The night went smoothly and we remained undisturbed for our rest. Rael did not seem fond of me, first he seemed upset I was first to take the extra space in his tent and then he changed his watch shift from sharing it with me, claiming it was to assure darkvision for all shifts of the watch.

We passed a stoned high drunken looking orc who just stood by the end of the bridge across the river, I was worried, but we just walked around him without interaction, hope he is alright, he was just mindlessly stareing into the distance.

We got the marked tavern run by halflings, payed money (1,5gp) for room and food and warm shelter.

The halflings didnt think the stone alter was special, just a sight for tourists like us.

After the last group went up there, strange hooded figures holding lanterns came during the night, staying few hundred feet away from the tavern and walking away if approached.

The visit became regular but slowly died down again – seems related to someone visiting the alter.

West of the forest is the mosquito forest, that they recommended we stay away from

Information Vestrivan gathered:

Broken Tooth is a tavern in the mountains for orcs, who also come visit this tavern.

The alter had conjuration magic lingering on it and a nearby hole/pit had a transmutation and evocation lingering auras.

A few inches down, after we used the light spell, we discovered a highly reflective ring that might be made by dust, and we realized it might be diamond dust.

We collected a pouch of diamond dust to take back with us to town and sell.

Creatures in forest watching us, but from so far away we couldn’t see who they was, we kept a vigiliant eye on them, but nothing happened.

Before we left, Zilgrim wanted to test something on the alter, and the rest of us went nearly a hundred feet away, as he put a hand over the alter.

It looked like the alter reached up for him, and he cried out a bit in pain, and it turns out spikes reach up and penetrated his hand and made him bleed into a bowl.
The blood pooled up and then more blood was added, as another of my companions cut himself, and then a monster was formed from the blood.

The fight was super hard, the creature could leap over 50feet clean in the air, and move super fast, and had devastating bites and claws, easily smashing strong opponents and rendering holes in their thick armor.

The fight ended quickly, with the creature dragging the dying Peri and Zilgrim down into the chasm and the rest of us running away, like cowards, but what was we had to do to avoid dying just like poor Peri and Zilgrim.

We regrouped at the Inn and had a few drinks to their memory and after a nights sleep, we had an uneventful journey back to Ruined Oak