It was a quite day at the Bitter Dwarf when I received word that there was another mission to patrol connecting Ruined Oak and White Moon Cove.  It was some of the same crew that went last time Maximus and Arkose along with Andrek and a couple of elves. 

After a round of introduction we headed out and a short way into the journey I saw a tar pit off in the distance with something bobbing around in it.  Fearing that a traveler or some poor animal was consigned to a slow death I urged the group to go check it out.   Around the tar pit there were many stones which we used to make a path way out to the struggling blob.  Once out there Andrek prodded it abit and a large undead eyeball creature rose up and began shooting different colored beams from its eyes.  I was hit first and felt myself locked up for a moment before shrugging it off. One of the elves did not fair as well and was badly hurt. I rushed to his side and brought him back to full health while Maximus, Arkose, and Andrek stuck the fell creature down.   Afterwards the elves began butchering the creature for trophies and components.

Moving onward from the tar pit, we came across a bunch of goblins blocking the road and demanding payment.  At first, I was ready to fight them, but their leader seemed reasonable and began pleading his case to one of the elves that was more interested in deception than lending a hand to a group of struggling goblins. That’s when I noticed that the elf was only going to give them a bag of rocks and twigs, I gave them the money that asked for and we departed peaceably.

After a long march we set up came and after the first watch a Centaur which had been badly wounded by some type of plant creature came up to our camp seeking aid.  He was in bad shape and told us that there were other Centaurs still out there that had suffered the same fate.  We patched him up the best we could when Maximus was able to discern that the Centaur was afflicted with some type of disease.  I was not able at the time to call upon nature to relieve him of this and had to wait until the dawn. 

That morning after completing my ritual preparation a loud scream rang out and from the body of the Centaur erupted a large plant creature. Having fought similar plant creatures who encased their victims I thought wise to down this creature as softly as possible. After a few moments we downed the creature, that is when in its finally moments exploded in a hail of spiny thorn and all of us were felling the effects of the poison that the thorns contained.  Maximus healed himself and one of the elves, while I heal myself and two others. Xenon chose to be the odd one out and the poison soon began to visibly weaken him. Having never dealt with this kind of thorn I did my best to pull out the thorns and spit out the poison this slowed it down a bit but not enough.  Then Andrek suggested making an antivenom and the alchemist in the group started working on one.  It was very touch and go and we knew that the elf was going to die if we did not get them back to town. 

We pushed through the night and several members of the party were starting to slow down due to exhaustion, but we finally made it back and found help at the Kef Guild Hall were Hjalrig was able to cure him.

I do not know how many adventures or creature out there may have fallen and are now roaming plant creatures, but it seems as this disease is starting to spread and may pose a great risk to the inhabitants of the Island.