DM – Neal
Heroes – Hanna, Xenon, Karash, Tohil, Jub, Joule, Lysing

So off we set to build a road bridge road tower south just next to spanner bridge. We started the adventure off with a good rub, As our carts rolled over a hourglass lamp housing a genie witch thing who was less than pleased with how she was awoken. After some apologizing, and her linking the stands of my fate to Lysing, she went on her way. Our fates stayed linked till sundown, and each time one of us stubbed our toe the other would feel it.

Reaching the spot where we would make our tower we quickly set to work. First selecting some elevated land and setting down the marking posts, then a bunch of other stuff i am sure. To be fully honest I was not paying much attention to the construction of the tower, as the surrounding wildlife was proving to be far more engaging

The party was thrilled to see Joule and I had a successful hunt, less so when they found out it was still alive. Although they did’nt have much time to complain as a woman came bursting out of the woods screaming with a huge monstrosity fallowing her. Though it faired poorly as the team pounced on it for something to break up the monotony of watching the crafts men build. She thanked us and was on her way after the hell creature was felled. We also came across a false statue of Lathander rigged to spray poison. after a few days we fallowed the creatures tracks back to a camp, and then a layer. Inside the darkness was Xenon’s element as he was as the wind. With the tower built, and the layer in the area quelled, we set off for home.