Our party finally reach the temple, we sat out for the day prior. The Mountain man Skeeter had asked for help upon seeing a lot of heavy brimstone smoke escaping a cave. We manged to bring a party of adventures to help with this endeavor. I, Kavor the scout, Freyja a charming female dwarven warror, Grimlock a grissly old dwarf and the leader of the group, Bellamin another dwarf with some sort of golden magic, Irondonker a tall blue merfolk man & Frelsi a blue skinned Air Ashari.

From what I was told on our travels, a warrior named Manek fell in combat the last time adventures were send here. As I look at the surrondings of the cave, I can see signs of combat. Corpses, frozen blood and dead scorpions litter the snow around the cave. I wonder how quickly the poison of those scorpions would work on smaller beings. Sadly the thought will have to wait, as I have brought no bottles to gather the poison in. Mental Note for later missions. Bring bottles for interesting ingredients.

I asked Grimlock to let me scout ahead and he agreed. After a short amount of time, I found the entrance safe and called on the team. We made a quick sweep of the first level only meeting 2 of those same cultist, as the former party had slayed outside. They both got away.

We descended to the 2nd level and was meet by a curious sight. A massive room full of lava, black spheres and walls. Almost labyrint wise. The lava was quickly discovered to be an illusion eminating no heat. We moved slowly forward. Freyja triggered a few traps on our way, but skillfully managed to avoid the fire before it hit her. She’s a nimble one, that Freyja. Grimlock and Frelsi…. eh lets just say they had their furs singed a little. We quickly discoverd that the number of spheres determined the amount of traps surronding it. Now we just have to figure out where…

All of a sudden we were besiged upon by a Fiery creature. It was a long and difficult fight. Incredible nimble it dogde many attacks, while flailing upon our warriors with his sword. Through dogdes, apparent teleportation (Have my doubts about that one) and other tricks, it often ran away and covered behind the traps. Our warriors were having a difficult time and Frelsi and Grimlock were badly wounded. I realised that something had to be done otherwise, this creature might take the life of my companions.

I stoved my shortbow away and ran a full sprint towards the Myrmidon. Clearly surprised I managed to strike it hard twice and somehow rendering it defenceless. It gaves us the opening we needed to finally take it down. After that it was smooth sailing all the way.

Through some clever investigation and some help from my companions, we managed to find a lot of things left behind. 3 potions, 2 scrolls and a lot of gemstones. Most importantly though! I managed to find a hidden compartment in the altar of the next room. As I put my hands upon it’s leather cover, I felt that this book was meant to be found by me. It almost called to me and I felt…. something pulling to me. This book is mine and I will learn it’s secrets.

The trip home was calm with a short snowball fight against Freyja. She’s a charming person that little one.

Kavor –