Once again i joined a party to adventure on the island this time on a mission by Hujo’s expedition to check out the flickering lights near the lake of songs. One member of the party collapsed upon coming through the portal but Khora helped him recover. and we started our journey to the lake.

The first thing we encountered was a group of traveling robed figures carrying braziers heading the opposite way. We stayed away from them and kept moving on nothing else of note happened that day and onto the night where we finally made camp and rested. Khora as usual did her magic and set up some silver wire before we all headed off to rest before our watches. By the time I woke up for my watch of the night as i was the final watch. There was some sleeping baby badgers which i was very confused about i noticed some odd lights to the north but forgot about them mostly until the morning.

The next morning i went and foraged for some berries for the baby badgers and we headed up towards the north. The party had decided that since the lights occurred at night so we decided to sleep half the day away and adventure during the night. As we were adventuring a bit before we headed off to sleep we heard a small group of large birds running close by. I decided to try to learn a bit about them using my training and just learned they were heading on a hunt so we just let them be. We rested for a bit waiting for night to fall and then kept heading towards the north again spotting some strange lights quite quickly. As we got closer we discovered a cave that the lights were coming from.

The cave itself had a temple inside that was very well lit with people with Tattoos of the their god Zethloth in a trance like state. Galatae thought it would be wise to interrupt ones trance and the one he interrupted started speaking in an odd language. which i tried replying to them in primordial and they responded back to me in it instead of the odd language. One grabbed at Samul and threatened us. and thus we defended ourselves and killed the attackers. and then we pushed on forwards.

In the next room we found a large amount of members once more with the same tattoos and a few better dressed members as well were in that room. We didnt disturb them initially and i went on into the next room where we saw a pair of Kuo Toa and a human who were all in a trance. I went forwards and touched a very Intricately carved door of Zethloth and blacked out for a moment. When i woke up i went and talked to one of the Kuo Toa and we discussed some things about Zethloth and he gave me an emblem of him and gave me a title. “The chosen”. I need to visit the swamp some time soon but even if i don’t a messenger should visit me at the Bitter Dwarf Inn in ruined oak from Zethloth or so i was told. We went on our way and presumably they went to prepare for his coming.

We decided to head back to town which took a day or so. But was uneventful. What i know now is that Corthuul must be stopped.

~~Zandaris Chosen of Zethloth