It was really nice day so some of us decided to go do something. I heared about a corn maze and everyone thought that was a good idea. On the way I seeded some splashing and thinked it was a mermaid. When I waved the rest of the group said it was a lady drowning so I went to help. So did Karash. It was a fun race to see who could get out there first. I won.

When we got there I yelled for the lady and even yelled under water. Then I saw her tied up with ocean plants and something pulling on the other end. While Karash chopped the ocean plants I swam a little closer to the animal to scold it for playing with things that did not belong to it. It did not like being scolded and started squeezing me. When it saw that the lady had gotten away it started squeezing Karash too.

I am not sure what the rest of the group was doing but one of the pet owls came and tried to carry the fish away. The fish was bigger than me so the silly owl did not get it. After getting squeezeded really hard the bird guy, I think he said his name was Chemical, dove into the water and helped Karash and me to finish killing mean fishy.

When we got to shore lady said she was a farmer that just wanted to go for a little swim. We took her home and her husband was really happy we saved her. He offered us all sorts of neat little things. There was a glass ball that would tell you what the sky was like outside. There was a necklace that was supposed to help you sing betterer. There was a glove that would slap you if you falleded asleep when you should be awake.

I got the neatest thing of them all though. It is a really sharp knife. Now I can cut the sea plants too the next time we have to save a drowning person. You wan to see it? Ok, but first…. Pull my finger.