Playes: Oogway, Naal, Ogis, Lysing

Our party set out from White Moon Cove to go to the Jub Jub mountains and speak with the dwarves there. I had heard recently that their former King was killed by an unknown assassin and felt like it was a mystery that needed to be solved. The main goal however was to speak to the new King Grimsbane Almril and express White Moon Cove commitment to continue in the joint alliance.

King Grimsbane Almril

As we traveled we came across what appeared to have been a chicken that had exploded in the middle of the road, and then further along a pile of fish bones stacked in a medium size pile. I would venture to say about 40-50 of them in all stripped of all their meat with only the tails and heads uneaten. Thinking these things were strange but having no clue as to what caused them we put it in the back of our mines.

Later during the first night watch we were attacked by a group of Hyenas which were quickly dispatched, but after a poor skinning attempt, we failed to move the carcasses far enough from the camp to not attract other unwanted predators. A group of large bird creatures attacked us using deadly flyby attacks. I feared this would be the end of our small party, but through determination and strong fighting skills will were able to ground them. This time the bodies were moved a sufficient distance from the camp.

The next day we discovers what looked to be reptilian maybe dinosaur tracks headed north and tracks of elk, or similar creature fleeing west. We saw other strange things but stayed our course and arrived at the Dwarven outpost a little after dark. The strain from the previous days fight finally caught up to me as the exhaustion set in.

In the morning dwarven guides took us into the city, where we found a nice Inn called the soothing anvil. Where the party was able to obtain food and lodging at a reasonable rate. After waiting for a few hours at the inn, we were finally able to have an audience with King Grimsbane Almril. He expressed his gratitude to the fact that White Moon Cove sought to continue the alliance as well as presenting us with papers to deliver to the mayor of White Moon Cove detailing the Jub Jub commitment to it as well.

The Jubb Jubb City of GrackIstugh

We discuss the circumstances of the late Kings demise. Please know that due to our situation we dared not press to deep into the matter and kept the conversation as polite as we could. King Almril did share a drawing of the murder weapon, a dagger that Ogis determined to be of orcish make. Not able to draw any connection, other then the possibility of Orc from the underdark we were left with no real answers.

We decided then to head back to the inn and prepare ourselves for the journey home. While we were navigating the large crowds that occupied the streets, someone slipped Oogway a note. It was written in dwarvish and as luck would have it none of the party could read it. The we got a break as Naal remember having a scroll that would allow him to read the note. The note said that if we wanted to know the truth to seek the burning elders, this was very puzzling indeed. Not knowing any of the local lore, Naal suggested seeking out a library and with some direction from the bar keep, we made haste to the nearest one. There we found a very organized and well kept library and soon with some help from the librarian Naal was headed toward the section that might contain the book that talked about the secretive council of elders that chooses new kings.

When we arrived at the correct bookcase we found that the book was missing and in its place another mysterious note. The note detailed how to open a secret room by manipulating four particular books at once. Following Naal’s directions we successful activated it and descended for about 100 feet. With very little time left on the enchantment that allowed Naal to comprehend Dwarvish we found a book about the burning elders which seem to be located in the deepest darkest caves of the Jub Jub mines.

With Naal spell expended and facing almost insurmountable language and cultural barrier, not to mention that we were small party, we decided to bring back our clues and seek someone better suited to tackle it.

On the way back we encountered strange booms and arc of fire and lighting seeming to be coming from the dark crater area east of the silent woods. We also encountered the remains of wolves and a large elk with it head ripped off. Putting the clues together, an exploded chicken, eaten fish, uneaten wolves and elk, I could only surmise it may be the work of a wild territorial vegan. Please travel the roads with caution.