City Watch is on the case!

Dear Diary,

Had my first call to action at the new job last.

It was nearing 0400, well at least that’s about what time it felt from what I remember of those gnomes time keeping devices. But anyway, near 0400 it was when i awoke with a strange voice in my head. At first I thought it was Helm and gathered my things in haste, though thinking on it now it may have been a kobold. Did sound kinda snakey.

Anywho, i made off with great haste. Didn’t even put my armour on, the city watch was called, no time for pleasantries such as wearing armour. Ha, city watch can do without it can.

When I arrived at the location all i could find was the remains of a campsite and a hole, 6 feet deep. Now i don’t know why, but i just knew that everyone was in the coffin at the bottom if the hole. Call it City Watch intuition. Being on the job as long as I have you learn these things.

So jumped in the hole, no regard for safety, the city watch was needed, and began pullin’ on the coffin… Uhhh door. Yeah that’s right, it had a door.

Pulled with all the might my still half asleep body would let me. Wasn’t enough, the door was as stubborn as me mum. Helm rest her soul.

But, as luck would have it, luck is always on the side of the city watch, the door opened from inside as one of the good citizens burst forth. After a quick assessment of his wounds and the state of his friends, I told him to rest up. He’d done his job, now it was the City Watches job. City Watch got em. That it does.

I delved into the coffin some 100 feet, greeted with the sight of corpses everywhere. Some still breathing, and a loan kobold lass. She seemed battered and scared and rushed to greet me. Poor lass was out of her mind, started punching at me in grief. Turns out her brother just died, can’t blame her one bit. So i fell back on me training. You can’t save someone that is fighting you so I gave her a good knock about upside the head. Doesn’t look like any permanent damage was done.

City Watch 1, Frightened Civilian 0

But as the lass collapsed part of her spirit left her. Well a spirit, didn’t look as lizardy as her. Probably just the scared part of her left. Quickly searched her bag for some smelling salts and got lucky she was caring some. In my haste I forgot mine.

She seemed touched by the gods as within seconds of getting up she was zipping all over. Massaging this corpse and that one. I know you get adrenaline from near death but this was a bit much.

After she massaged up the corpses, we grabbed up her brothers body and headed out.

All told it was a great success. City Watch saved all that could be. I’m sure to get a ribbon for this.. Well i would if they had cities to watch here.

The trip home was mostly uneventful. The beasties of the land knew, City Watch was on the case. Just had a run in with some crazed barber on the way home. All edge that one. I’ll have to remember to tell Edward about em. He’ll have a chuckle that something thought it was a better barber than good ol Scissorhands.

Not bad for a first call to action for this old dwarves new job. I told em if they’re ever in trouble again to just send out another mysterious signal and City Watch would be there. City Watch got them.

Thanks for listening, Diary. Always a good one you. Time for a nap.