DM: Geokhan

Ah, finally, I have purchased a journal. I got inspired by my little Lionel. I can’t wait to show you all of these adventures dear…..

It all began in a small town where Loniel and I met some wonderful people. These were: Grimlock, Jevin, Tehran, Manek Gjern, Arkady and Gin. We all made our way Northward, on the road between Neathy Woods and Ishah Plains. On our way up the road, we came across merchants, lovely folk. they informed us that they saw some strange things up the road (North), apparently it looked like a burn spot?

After them, we continued up north and we saw a herd of Young spinosaurus. We decided its best not to disturb them and continued on our way.

Just before the sun went down our group decided to settle down. Manek, Tehran and I decided to gather food, and we managed to do so. I decided to prepare a meal whit this for everyone, and I promised to Manek that I will teach him to cook sometime. I can’t wait to do so.

Lionel and I were allocated for the first watch of the night, nothing really happened, we just chatted a little. The people on the second watch shook us all awake tho as something approached us. It was an adventurer looking squirrel. His name was Helican De Vontah. He looked to be cold, poor fellow. Apparently, he was waiting for an adventurer to help him go through a portal, but some weird guy came out of it, tempered with it, went back inside but didn’t activate it properly. After that information, he left. I hope he is ok right now.

After that, we went back to sleep, but after a while, we were awakening again because a pack of wolfs attacked us. Our group fought bravely, and thankfully no one got hurt. Lionel did try to talk to one of the wolfs, but it didn’t work. We decided to skin them, use their meat for food and to sell the rest.

We walked for a while and came across a well that used to be a portal. It was broken.

A little bit after the well, we settled down again. Unfortionetly, we were disturbed once again. This time fetal sevan attached us. It looked like a baby in a cage. It possessed people, one every round, and made them attack us. We managed to defeat it, thankfully. After some investigating, we concluded that someone maybe set it there.

After those encounters, we went to JubbJubb where we sold our wolf remains and parted ways for now. I hope everyone from our group is ok, they were all such good bunch!