PbP Audition session: Gathering Mugwort

PC’s: Mirael (Temp), Tharivol, Thiala, Ser Frederic, Pretzel, Aether

DM: Calmseeker (Audition)

This is the report of Agent Aether of the Phlan Resistance Force. After Phlan was reclaimed I came here to find new challenges to face and people to aid.

A City Once Under a Dragon’s Thumb

It was one such person who needed my assistance that led me to the events spoken of within this report. A man named Gojoh was in need of a large amount of a plant known as Mugwort – under traditional plant and fungus naming conventions I can only assume this aids in mending ailments with one’s face. A druid named Mirael offered to get a full plant as well so that Gojoh could start growing them in town rather than having to trek all the way to the Neathy woods.


I set out with the aforementioned druid as well as a despondent templar – Ser Frederic, a lofty minded mage knight – Thiala, a sturdy mage – Pretzel, and a quite quiet man of arcane power – Tharivol. It went well the first day, filling up the entirety of one of the two burlap sacks that Gojoh had given us. We then stayed the night in the inn south of the forest.

And of course, I helped in the kitchens

The second day was much more exciting. After we found more of the plants some invisible sprites attempted to wander off with it. Not knowing the culprit of this caper I used some of the magic I learned a century ago to reveal the creatures. The one Sprite was very mad at me but it was not really a concern. Thiala and Mirael managed to discuss the situation with the sprites who explained that they needed the plants for their friend, a satyr named Tumnis.

As we approached the area where the satyr was a trio of terrible terrorists approached with the deadly desire to demonstrate how delicious and delectable we would be as their holiday meal. The trio consisted of a Redcap, a Troll, and their giant pet lizard. Happily for us it was the trio that ended up getting their geese cooked, rather literally for the troll as he faced the unfortunate opening of my flamethrower.

Cpl. Pluto: I am always fine with being fire from a cannon.

With the hungry hosts of a horrible holiday harvest defeated we gifted the Satyr and Sprites with the plants we had gained that day and went off to harvest some more. It took us little time to do so and we were able to start our way back with all of it in tow. Ironically, it was then that we bumped into a man who was being waylaid by his own feast that was in turn seeking to make him theirs. Four giant turkeys barred down on him as he ran past us, though we did draw their attention to ourselves to save the fellow.

Roasted to perfection.

With similar swiftness these turkeys were defeated, defeathered, pre-roasted, prepared, and turned into quite the quick feast for ourselves…. though I dont recall what happened to the man that led them our way. Gojoh then got his plants from us and rewarded us for our efforts which is quite welcome in these times.

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