DM: Geokhan
Players: Naal (Yours Truly), Chemist, Jax, Uzza, Tohil.

We exited the Jub Jub adjacent fortifications intended on traveling north, circling the peaks and it’s hills toward the river where reports noted the main camp of the alliance attacking us.

First day was uneventful, heading straight East from the Jub Jubs.

Second day we came across a warband of gnolls as we circled the hills around the mountains, they claimed to be victims of WMC bloodthirstiness – about to take advantage of our better nature when Uzza advocated to try to come to peace talks with them, then that ‘the Talos told them not to say anything about them’ when we inquired about them, at which point it was clear they were full of shit. We easily dispatched them, and then came upon the following note:

If you find the group use the following tactics. 1 turn the table blame them. 2. Pretend to be victims 3. when they attack make sure to make them use as many abilities they can so the remote observer can gather the intel needed. Make sure to drop the bag so they see it. Destroy the note before you go.”

The bag contained some kind of black orb which ignited, and began producing black smoke, signalling our location, no doubt for this “remote observer” and further Gnolls. Jax dispersed it with his magic and we stashed the still smoking orb in Tohil’s Bag of Holding, then we proceeded.

The second night we were barraged by Gnoll War drums passing messages from one another. The following morning we faced the combined forces of the Gnolls.

At least 200 of them, plus 100 Kobolds, plus Talos commanders.


Four columns of flail wielding rabid ones in the front line (extremely fast on foot, able to cover 90-100 feet of distance quickly and savage in their assault tactics: Do not engage without a heavy front line).

Eight columns of regular Gnolls, with long bows flanking them, apt at focus firing a threat.

Five columns of Kobold Skirmishers (Short bows and short swords).

Two columns of Kobold Evokers (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility). Most dangerous as they unleash heavy Evocation spells all at once. Defeat first.

Two Talos Wizards (Counterspell, Fireball, Dimension Door, Invisibility, See Invisibility). Very susceptible to being sniped.

Two Talos Clerics (Spirit Guardians, Spiritual Weapons, True Sight). Also very susceptible to being sniped.

Unknown Caster who unleashed an Earthquake beneath our feet to cover their retreat.

We managed to decimate about half their forces before they retreated. With the army repelled, we headed back to the Jub Jubs.