PBP – The Islands Offer
◇ Simple patrol around the roads
near White Moon Cove, or was
◇ PC’s: Kensi, Koro, Shanairra, Vraela, Theila, Aether
◇ DM: Qarlynd


In point of fact, that potential victim of sacrifice was one Yivonne, a wealthy resident of Waterdeep that had been kidnapped by pirates, taken as a slave across the incredibly long distance to get here, and then sold to be a sacrifice to this mysterious scorpion cult.

She is looking to return home to Waterdeep as soon as she can so if you wish to speak with her I suggest endeavoring to do that posthaste.

Cpl. Pluto making a statement about meta-humor

Phlan Resistance Agent Aether reporting in on the recent patrol of the roads around the Ishah Plains.

Presence of a sizable scorpion based cult who partake in human sacrifice and the purchase of slaves has been noted upon the island. Seven of their number and one giant scorpion have been vanquished by the group I set out with, which included two who were green to the island’s ways. Luckily we suffered not at all and even managed to save one potential sacrifice victim.


In this patrol my good friend Corporal Pluto maintained a presence of calm humor and stalwart defense. I almost felt bad for that scorpion that tried its best to poison the ghostly guardsman, every last drop of it went to waste and merely served to form new jokes from him. He comes up with such strange things to say though, I’m beginning to wonder if his form is the cause.

In addition to the cultists and their sacrificial alter, we interrogated one of them and discovered that there is a hideout for others in their order somewhere a few miles north of where we found them. Just before the end of the night I spotted a tower a mile from where we were camped as well.

General Location of the Tower and Alter, as well as the paths that might lead to the Cultist Hideout.

That is all for this report, if you wish to know more of the time spent here by members of the Phlan Resistance please check out my previous report from a few months back.