A Friendly Face Returns

PC’s: Joule, Ashtodon, Durnek, Rhoshar, Uthijuxl, Aether

Hi, everybody! Mk here. Been many moons since I hosted a session but here I am. Posting one on the website.

New farm outside Ruined Oak is up and running but something bizarre is going on with the crops. All vegetation has begun to wilt and turn into a reddish goo. Will a crew of intrepid adventurers rise to uncover the cause of this caustic corruption?

I imagine so, because it’ll be a low-level session on the weekend.

Agency Contacts have said Aether did well
Caution, certain lyrics are not safe for work

This agent’s report is going to chronicle the situation involving the newly named Red Jelly Farm. The owners of the farm, Joe and Mary, had magically contaminated plants, soil, and water. After a quick inquiry about how things were at the farm we went upstream to discover the source of the contamination. Rhoshar tested certain jelly like substances that were floating in the stream along the way, discovering that it hurt to touch it. At the end of the stream we found a cave filled with traps, doors, secret stairwells, pits, a battalion of Kobolds, and a large Drippy slime creature of deadly might.

Lots of em.

After a long and very close fight we managed to defeat the entire military unit of kobolds and their slime based leader. Durnek and Rhoshar nearly moved onto the next step in the Cycle of Life and Death but I ensured they remained in this one, after all the Cycle is based in the act of resisting its pull. In addition to more monetary rewards we discovered a slightly temporary cloak made of slime that allows one to slip through tiny openings. We carried the lot back to the farm where we informed the farmers that their farm was now safe and they let us name it.

Slime Cloak

This is the end of my report, for now I shall go and make sure everything is working fine with Plutonnon. Thank you for reading through all of this.

Cpl Pluto’s cannon based replica came in handy.