A Prompt Impromptu, Jan 8

PCs: GreGory, Ruebekka, Tingork, Mine, Irondan, Aether
DM: Adalyn

Aether’s Winter Gear
Skeleton Dance Party…
That Got Explosive

Hello again, this is Agent Aether of the Phlan Resistance informing you of the events that took place a little west of the roads near White Moon Cove. We were sent on a task to recover a friend of a sprite who was in turn friends with Ruebekka. The journey to find the friend led us into Gnoll territory, which of course angered the locals whom then tried their very best to kill us. A major success on our part as this lead to their own numbers dwindling rather than our own. The night was then interrupted by a set of skeletons marching along northwards.

They would not have met with our camp but could have been on their way to do something with the bows they wielded. A strange animated snowman – hence to be known as Snowy, Mr. Snowman, or Brad – attacked these skeletons and some of us decided to join in. Ruebekka placed a series of deadly spikes and I blew apart most of them rather instantly with a concussive spell. The others ventured forwards to clean up the few remaining, though GreGory was against the idea of harming those going about their business. I myself have a connection to the magics of death however The Cycle does not permit undead outside of its service so I am not quite sure of his reasoning. In general, animated skeletons have naught but a facsimile of a soul.

Either way, we discovered that Brad was the friend of Ruebekka’s friend and that the skeletons were part of the threat he was facing. There are more but they are so far to the South West that in our trek to discover the location we ran out of road and the others convinced me to turn the group back to White Moon Cove.