DM: Geokhan
PCs: Amnon, Birk, Cober (and Anhinga), Ildan, Nag'ini, Shozhu

Yet another fine adventure was had! This time we set off from White Moon Cove to begin the work of building some roads, commissioned in the will of some guy named Thoradin. Heard good stuff about him, I’m glad we helped with this process! The road was pretty near town, so the party set off and reached our building site around midday. Things were fairly smooth, until we came into a bunch of weird automaton-spider-contraptions. I don’t quite know how to describe them, so here’s a sketch!

Scary critters!

They were scary looking things, with all their beeping and booping. And whenever they got in contact with metal, they definitely did some damage to the metal itself! They were weakening weapons and armor the more they attacked us. Thankfully bear claws have no metal in them!! We took care of them fairly quickly, but not without a few casualties to our worker force. Quite the bummer, but such is the life of those on the island. After looking through their scraps, we found that they seem to be powered by some types of gem, but we couldn’t make out who made them or where they came from.

Nearby, one of our workers noticed an old mine somewhere nearby. Cober send Anhinga, a pretty cool owl, down into the mines, but all we got was a strong smell of spider. We decided not to pursue it, and we set up camp a distance away from the mine.

In the middle of the night, during one of our shifts, we came about an injured riding horse. The poor thing! It was attacked by a bear while with its owner, and it had been running for a full day before finding us. I calmed it down and fed it a goodberry, and let it recover with us in camp. A few hours later, I was woken up to news that there were huge, ostrich like birds approaching our camp. I couldn’t quite make out what they were, but I managed to talk them away from fighting us. Well, I’m pretty sure they just realised that there were too many of us, but I like to think that I helped.

Morning came, and we got back to work. When we reached the site of our first day’s work, we noticed a huge burnt area, 30-foot in radius, with 2 large marks on the floor, each resembling a claw of a huge, bird-like creature. Thankfully we chose to camp away from this place … couldn’t imagine what would have happened if that got us.

As we were building the road, a pack of Giant Hyenas came an attacked us! They were ferocious, but we stood our ground. I even managed to charm one of them, but sadly it didn’t stay around long enough for me to learn it’s form. Would’ve been nice to be able to morph into one, they were so cool! Well, they weren’t cool, but you know what I mean. Anyway, we defeated them pretty easily, with only 1 of our party members knocked unconscious in the fight (but only for a second!)

We finished up another day’s worth of work. That night, we heard some whistling, and we found an Elven Ranger walk towards our campsite. Turns out his name is Griz Walton, and he was the owner the horse, which we learnt was named Tally-Ho. It was a bitter-sweet reunion as I said bye to yet another new friend.

Griz was incredibly grateful, and on top of giving us some gold, he also shared with us some information about a cave just South West of our location. He said that there were rumours of a large, four-legged beast with one big glowing red eye. It’s definitely worth noting, but I advise anyone who wants to seek it out to do so with caution.

That night, we also found some silver dust on the floor. Some of the Divine Magic wielders in the group managed to turn some into holy water. Very cool find!

We got up the next day, and quickly prepared to finish up the last bit of work before bringing our tired workers back to White Moon Cove. In the area, the workers yet again found something interesting in the area 0- this time it was a ruin. I stayed behind to guard the workers, but when the group came back, some of them looked like they got wet, and they brought back with them a stone, which had the words “Rotmoor” written on it in Abyssal. Spooky stuff!

We quickly finished up work, and successfully completed 12 miles of road. We rushed back to the city, pushing a little through the night to make it back before sunrise. A shame that we lost some workers on this trip, but I’m glad we made some progress!

A summary of our expedition, and some things that we found!