Weeks ago I set out to explore the unknown reaches south of the FOT portal; to explore the unexplored area’s on the island. In our expedition we found three strange symbols that one spoke to me when I touched but it seems a strange man visited Chemist out in the White Moon Cove graveyard and its all connected as this man gave Chemist a symbol of his own. My main agenda was to bring back these symbols and see what connection they hold and to what purpose they serve.

We set out from the FOT portal after the small trip from White Moon Cove; we set on our original path last time I was out on this side of the island. With little ease we made our way through the plains and as our savvy leader Ildan removed the plague he picked it up and seemed to be stricken with momentary daze but shook it off. As Ildan regained his composure a ghostly figure of a dragonborn in large armor appeared and asked us, “Who takes the symbol of Teramon?” Ildan introduced himself and the image said “let the blessing be upon you” and disappeared into the void.

I took the plague and placed it into my backpack but I noticed that poppy plants began to sprout from the ground where the plague touched…I decided to experiment with this later on in the evening once we made camp.

Symbol of Teramon

As we made our way through the plains we setup camp for our first night out, and as we settled to rest from a feast of wild mushrooms I was aroused from my sleep by Tramenor that a woman was located nearby bathing in a pond. Ildan decided it would be best for Nag’ini Sneks to approach as it might be less threatening for another woman to approach this bathing lady while Ildan hide in the nearby bushes ready for any “action” to transpire…

I found it more suitable if we all approached in a friendly manner and not skulk about as this lady was bathing. Once we all got in view it seems it was a nude druidic woman riding a stag, she was apprehensive as one would be being approached by our motley crew. We mentioned we are from White Moon Cove but she did not care and threatened death if we harmed the land in a egregious way and that we take an oath to defend and protect the lands from all evil. I didnt find it suitable to pledge an oath but I think we would have to slay this naked druid if we all didnt, so i obliged for the time being. I used this opportunity to ask this lady of the land, if she ever heard of Teramon. Suddenly she spouted of an ancient group of heroes who fought off and locked away the evil Yuan-ti through an epic battle. Teramon and 6 others were heroes of Altis said to have a palace to the south of FOT portal near the mountains. It seems now I am much more invested in finding these symbols and exploring the Altis lore as it could provide a powerful boon or artifact to help me further my bond and strength with my Queen. Now during the end of my watch I had Mortimer (my unseen servant) take the plague to place it on the ground nearby and again poppy plants began to sprout…its and odd effect from this symbol and wish to discover if it poses any other effects with any other symbols we uncover.

Through our second day’s march through the plains we made our way to the second symbol, and just as before I grabbed the symbol to place in my backpack and another ghostly figure appears before us. A lithe Elven man with an owl rested on his shoulder asked us, “Who disturbs Sundar?”, as I was enveloped in a shimmering light, I then answered the ghost and then questioned where we could find the Palace of Altis, as perhaps this ghostly figure could lend us more precise direction…he pointed south west of where we were near the base of the mountain towards the river end.

Symbol of Sundar

On our second night we posted up on the Hill located on the other side of the River and during our night all went quiet and safe. But my curiosity got the best of me as for the end of my watch I summoned Mortimer and order him to place both symbols side-by-side to see if the two symbols would react. It was at this moment I learned the folly of my ways as the two symbols when set side-by-side….began to, resonate with a small hum but nothing much else. Though maybe a coincidence a giant lumbering skeleton troll like creature charged at us before the nights end. We of course took the undead creature out, well more like Ildan smote the creature with some furious strikes.

We headed back south on route to the Fort but the group was now roused on seeking out the third symbol we had found last before. As such we decided to head that way to grab our last symbol and we crossed the river, thanks in part to the fold-able boat lent from White Moon Cove. With little to no trouble we made our way near to the third symbol near the base of the mountain and we were beset upon by a large pack of Hippogrphys. Each one of us was pitted against one of each of these large avian creatures but after a swift battle we made sure to slay all that would attack us and those that would run away. Tramenor made sure to salvage one for its meat to sustain us on our journey and during this we went to the third symbol and as before I grabbed this one and was enveloped in a shroud of darkness. A beautiful apparition of a Drow woman appeared and as the others asked us, “Who disturbs the symbol of La Tisha.” I used this chance to ask can one enter the Palace of Altis and the ghost told us only with the Symbols of Altis may we enter and she vanished.

Symbol of La Tisha

We set up camp and decided we best not press our luck for the rest of our journey and would head back with the three symbols. It seemed through all the watches it was quite uneventful till our second night back to the FOT portal, we were beset by a horde of Meazles (which we later found out from our friend at the FOT portal) and immediately surrounded and out numbered. It was a harrowing fight, Snails a friend on the island was rendered unconscious numerous times but thanks to Tram and Nag’s help he was kept alive to render aid in the final legs of the combat. After the long battle we made our way back and noticed in the distance through our travel a man strung up on a post. Seems he was a discarded slave captured by the Troglodytes and left to starve, we saved him and took him back to the FOT portal for safety. The man mentioned he was a sailor aboard the Emery Rose sea vessel; it did not ring a bell to me or others among my crew.

As we made it back to the FOT portal, we discussed our findings with our friendly Githyanki about the Altis and he knew of some of the information we already uncovered but happened to mention that their Palace is located where the three rivers meet near the south-eastern mountain ridge. A potent piece of information as it narrows our search next time I come out this way but others mentioned our night ambush of the horde of Meazle’s and we were told they are servants of the Shadow queen… Another threat to this end of the island, a woman of the fey, possibly the shadowfell; truly a threat that will need to be dealt with as it may have connections to the Kenku Assassin that struck at me and my group last time we were out this way; it left a calling card with the words “Nevermore” written on it…