Raszing an Angel

All great love stories have to start somewhere. Mine starts the day I met him. Most find him cold, emotionless, and logical. I could tell, however, that beneath that radiant exterior lay unbridled passion. It didn’t take me long to pledge myself too him, and with his acceptance of my service I gained the confidence I needed.

“Hey… is that justice in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” 

I’ll admit it wasn’t the smoothest start but it seemed to catch his attention. His stance relaxed a little making it look like he was eyeing me curiously. As he did so he responds:
    “I’m sorry, but to appeal to me your resolve must be just as hard as I am for justice.”

Clearly he was testing the water. Seeing how I would react. But before I could my wing man interjected:
    “Just to let you know. Rasz’s justice is as big as his army, and he’s got a cave troll in there.”

Catching Tyrael off guard with the thought of what I could bring to the table, I took advantage of the opening Tamwyn created for me and closed the distance between us. Gently placing a hand on his glistening chest I whispered with my most seductive tones:
    “You have no idea how hard justice makes me…”

With his face obscured by his cloak and shrouded in shadow it was hard to tell, but no matter how subtle, I thought I heard his voice soften as he tenderly whispered:
    “Your justice is glorious. While your oath remains, something else will be broken as the light touches many places tonight.”

Reaching out he gently caressed my face with his hand, slowly moving down my neck with the back of his fingers sending a shiver down my spine. Turn back towards the vault, he grabs my hand and pulls me with. 
    “Come with me and we shall have a heavenly time.”

As we enter into his vault he pulls me into to his arms. Towering over me he looked down, and even though you could not see his face. I could tell he was looking at me with longing in his eyes as I looked at him the same way. It felt like an eternity before either of us spoke. Just standing there, staring into each others eyes, holding each other close. He finally broke the silence:
    “You had said you wanted a weapon? Help me take this armour off and I’ll show you a real… hammer.”

The last word dripping with seduction as I could not help but notice the bulge forming in his pants. As he stripped of his armour he gave me my first command.
    “Teach me why they call your race a goblin.”

As the last of his armour came off, I was momentarily stunned. Staring at the mightiest hammer I had ever seen in my life. Trying to regain my composure I looked back up to his shimmering form and began to strip my own armour. Still nearly speechless at the sight of him in the dim light of the vault, glowing like a being so far beyond me. All I managed to get out was:
    “Goblin is more than just a name.”

Seeming to be expecting that remark he was quick to playfully respond.
    “I hope fury of the small isn’t referring to… things besides your height.”

Filled with the fires of passion and feeling some colour return to my cheeks as I finished stripping my armour. I spoke:
    “You’ll understand the true reason we are known as the furious race tonight.”

And with that I grabbed him and pulled him towards the ground. I do not know how long we rolled around on the floor of that vault. Each time I started to feel weary he would reinvigorate me. I tried to keep track of how many times this happened but i quickly lost track as the night went on. 

After we finally were finished, as I lay curled up with my head in his lap. His hand idly stroking my hair. We both looked on at our creation before us. A being half goblin and half celestial. The child of our love and passion. He looked down on me again and spoke in soothing tones:
    “You know, justice might have previously been my only love. But here, with you. I can only think of us.”

    “I think I know how you feel my love.” I responded as a wave of happiness washed over me.