Dear Master Loquist Faldamiare,

My latest sojourn out actually felt as if we were doing something important. One of the many contacts on the island told us that there was a smallish group of gnolls that was planning on sabotaging, or perhaps trapping, the crossroads that was recently defended from a major attack. We got to the location well ahead of the expected arrival of the saboteurs so we went to check on the bloodeye clan. They were more than willing to accept us and offer lunch as they were starting to prosper once again thanks to the efforts of the AFK. After we ate we went back to the crossroads and, at dusk, attempted to settle into some hiding positions. Unsure what direction they would be coming for we were sort of spread across the area hoping for the best.

Before midnight we spotted several kobolds moving out of cover and onto the road. We waited for them to get closer and perhaps lead the rest of their group into the open. Unfortunately, one of our number was a bit less well hidden and the kobolds saw them. They ran back towards the bushes crying out an alarm. In total there were about six kobolds and six gnolls. As the combat ensued it was obvious that the enemy was going to fall. Because we had specifically attempted to capture a few of them as the last attempted to retreat they shot at their fallen comrades ensuring they could not be questioned. Luckly, we were able to stop the fleeing combatants as well as protect several of the captives.

After the fight someone commented that this was not the first time attempts as gaining captives had resulted in them being killed. We decided to place the captives, and a couple of corpses, into the cart and covered them to disguise what we had. When we got back to town the prisoners, and dead, were handed over to those that would do the questioning and we called the journey a success.

As you can see some of the adventures to be had on this island are not all craziness disguised as exploration. I hope to be involved in more of the reasonable ones but will see what happens.

With regards, Tuzok.