Tl;dr: The Celestial Tobaggins sent a request for help to adventurers at Ruined Oak. He was attempting to meet with his hostile grandson, Donewith Washir. The party found their location with the help of Eaglie, an eagle. There, Donewith Washir merged his body with that of his dragon grandmother who had been experimented upon, then attempted to kill all present. The party, Tobaggins and Eaglie all survived, having killed what Donewith Washir became.

Future Adventure Notes:
Tobaggins had discovered the time of the next eclipse with the book on astronomy from a previous party. Expected to be soon.
•A diety named Circini, much older than Baphomet, is orchestrating the attempt unseal its prison.
Tobaggins provided a celestial blood sample, which can be used to open the seal of Baphomet‘s prison during the eclipse, stored in the AFK archives should it be decided such a thing should be done.
•The cult of Loviatar has a succubus bath water business in the Silent Forest.

Barry (Cleric 6/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with Owl the Familiar and a skeletal horde
Gau (Druid 16)
Nalkris (Warlock 11) with Avarace the Familiar
Twee (Ranger 12/Cleric 1/Fighter 2)

Barry have peaceful breakfast, on stroll when eagle fly in with note. Barry impressed eagle untie note, then give to Barry. Note say,

Dear Barry,

I hope this eagle gets this message to you in time. Named it Eaglie. I’ve been trying to see my grandson Donewith Washir, and I have been getting pummeled by dragons that my ex-paramour of a red dragon keeps sending my way. I also managed to find out something about the demon lord Baphomet from an undead guy named Erebor. I could use some help dealing with these dragons. Meet me at the mountains that are to the west by southwest of the Lake of Songs, and I’ll tell you more about it. Eaglie should be able to lead you to them. I’m going to try and disguise myself just in case.

Eaglie the Eagle

Barry see note unsign, but Barry read context, know from Celestial Tobaggins. Barry think information from Celestial Tobaggins be important enough to get, despite unwillingness to enter family squabble, again.{ A Know It Owl | Sleeper Island EU } Barry find and explain to Druid Gau, Raven Nalkris and Goblin Twee, then Barry and group set out with Eagle Eaglie.

Barry and group have peaceful first day travel, then sleep at outpost. Cost 1 gp. Next day Eagle Eaglie lead Barry and group west along road, then southwest into hill. Raven Nalkris find crumpled poster for Succubus Bath Water, a cult of Loviatar business scheme. Poster say “if you want to be your own boss, make your own hours, join the cult of Loviatar, sell this prestigious bath water, applicants can join at the Silent forest.

Barry and group then go to mountain southwest, have another peaceful night. In morning, Barry and group Eagle Eaglie further southwest. Raven Nalkris see marble gravestone, with text, but no one know what say. Barry do book magic Tempus tell Barry learn, read in draconic. “Pressur Washir. Bastard daughter to a celestial.”

Covered by dust and dirt are further words, about the Washir family of dragonborn, devoted to clean mind and body and ridding themself of celestial. Experiment with dragon and wyvern hybrid to do so. Barry and group curious what in grave. Barry check for magic, which only faintly come from gravestone, then move the earth, find very large wood coffin.

Raven Nalkris see more word, recently writ. No one know what say so Barry do more book magic Tempus tell Barry learn, read again in draconic, “Rest in peace, mother. I will get vengeance for you with my red dragon grandmother. My unclean grandfather will pay his dues. My experimentation is nearing completion. I just need a strong enough dragon to withstand the wyvern essence…”

Barry and group think Donewith Washir wrote that, this then being the corpse of his mother. Barry and group recover coffin, then follow Eagle Eaglie further southwest, as Eagle Eaglie get excited. Barry think Barry and group be close to Tobaggins.

As Barry and group enter mountain glade, strewn with many misshapen dragon and wyvern corpse, bones from each fused together. Many colour dragon corpse. Barry and group think find failed experiment of Donewith Washir. Eagle Eaglie fly off, find halfling track.

Donewith Washir

Follow track to two figure in clearing. One, Dragonborn Donewith Washir, but other, mysterious halfling Barry never see before. Dragonborn Donewith Washir say he is Dragonborn Donewith Washir, maybe not remember Barry from before, then say he is last living Washir. He has captured his grandfather, Celestial Tobaggins, who did not pay alimony to grandmother. Barry not see Celestial Tobaggins, only mysterious halfling.

Mysterious Halfling

Dragonborn Donewith Washir say have experiment nearby. Druid Gau move in, try to shake Dragonborn Donewith Washir hand, annoying him. Dragonborn Donewith Washir Druid Gau, and Barry and rest of group can be test newest experiment. He sacrificed dragon grandmother to succeed, roars to summon three headed flying dragon. Say last experiment will be grandiose then jump into air, fuse body to dragon somehow, body grow black armor. Dragon say “WE ARE NOW ONE! WE HUNGER FOR MAGICAL CREATURES AS FOOD!

Three Headed Ultimate Dragon

Mysterious halfling reveal himself to be Celestial Tobaggins, say will help Barry and group fight this experimental monstrosity. Druid Gau and Celestial Tobaggins stay close while dragon breathe lightning. Barry and Goblin Twee stay far and shoot many arrow, Raven Nalkris use eldritch magic. Dragon monstrosity have fearsome aura, but Barry, group and Celestial Tobaggins prevail. Dragon say “My experiment was so close to completion…! Curse you, grandfather!” as dying.

Three Headed Ultimate Dragon with Black Armoured Donewith Washir

Barry and group find many coin, find few potion, and many decorative item. Also find dragon hoard with more coin. Barry and group talk to Celestial Tobaggins after fight. Celestial Tobaggins say many thing in response to query. Never pay alimony due to debt to a crime family from Trader Bay. Say older than a millennium. Say kicked out from being in celestial place, maybe Lothander or Ilmater, not sure now. Not say why kicked out. Barry think Celestial Tobaggins try to forget.


Celestial Tobaggins met Undead Erebor, anti-demon skeletal rider. Undead Erebor tell Celestial Tobaggins about Psychic Katla fight with Zoddoroth, and possible gateway to Baphomet. Celestial Tobaggins say from few book from Undead Ereber, and unnamed druid learn name Circini, a diety older than Baphomet, try to bring Baphomet back.

Barry mention might need celestial blood, Celestial Tobaggins give sample. Celestial Tobaggins say eclipse in few week, and only blood needed, not killing celestial. Sun begin to set, Druid Gau use magic to make tree portal back to outpost. Celestial Tobaggins say farewell, “he’ll be making step in Trader Bay.” Druid Gau use more magic, make more tree portal, Barry and group finish adventure save back in Ruined Oak.