Players – Carric(Zak), Chris(Timmy), Iceforge(Nalkris), KCutajar(Chalie), Phonzo(Dorro), Ramz-E(Vestrivan)

I hooked up with some old friends and new adventurers alike whoc were all interested in exploring a bit of the land to the north. We set off towards the woods and set camp in the evening between the woods and the road.

I went hunting with Dorro as the others set up camp and managed to find quite a good amount of food for us. During the camp we had a visit from a couple of Spark Wings, who were busying themselves with eating the spores that much watch companion Dorro, a Furbolg Druid seemed to be able to create. I managed to remeber some details about them that let me know what they were and that they usually heralded a storm of some kind in the next few days.

We set off into the woods in the morning. As we were exploring the woods we happened across some kind of odd giant grape type fruit hanging from a tree. Chalie decided to climb up the tree and knock the large fruit down to the ground, where it broke upon on the floor. Zak decided to try some of the fruit when suddenly a small frog looking creature made its presence known to us. It did not look very happy with us …

Zak tried to placate it with a goodberry whilst we noticed a few more of the creatures appear out of the forest watching us. They seemed to like the goodberry and asked for more once they had one. They took a few more and then threw them to the ground and stamped on them, whilst pointing to the smashed fruit and looking very annoyed. One of the different looking ones that appeared from behind us then cast a spell making the forest grow rapidly around us making it very tough to move!

Timmy and I immediately made for the safety of the trees and opened fire on one of them, dropping it to the floor with some well placed arrows. The frogs then landed a few nasty hits on Dorro, hurting him badly and also seemingly poisoned him with the arrows. Zak quickly stepped in between Dorro and the closest frog and them promptly removed his head from his shoulders in a deadly swing of his sword.

The spell caster then cast another spell causing nasty spikes to grow out of the floor around where the party was standing, making the ground extremely hazardous. Nakris then summoned a magical floating weapon next to the spellcasting frog and sliced him open, following up with an ice cold attack from his raised hand which caused the frog to drop to the ground.

As we were killing the angry frogs we noticed their blood floating up into the air, together with a loud, distant frog noise.

Once we had dealt with the last one we quickly give the area a quick search, but we were aware that some giant frog creature was approachin us from further in the forest. We decided to beat a hasty retreat from the area and the giant frog gave chase, but we managed to outrun it and leave the forest.

Once we had reached a safe distance from the forest we decided to take a short break to recover. During the break I took watch while the party rested and I discovered a dusty old book lying on the floor. I pointed it out to the rest of the party. Zak picked it up and took a look inside it, to find it was hollowed out and contained some kind of knife concealed in it.

We also took the time to look over the stuff we grabbed from the battle, which turned out to be some nice shiney platinum pieces as well as a lesser wand of web. We decided to head to a nearby tavern and take shelter there for the night.