DM: Seph
PCs: Ashali, Tyil, Birk, Skorphina, Tramenor, Quinn (and Valor the Eagle!)

tl;dr this mine’s full of monsters my dudes!

Into the abandoned mine yet again! So glad to get a chance to go back to where I had my first journey in Sleeper Island. And boy, was it just as weird as the first time, if not more! I won’t bore you with the details, but this one was an epic journey.

We got into the mine in good time – didn’t even stop to rest at the outpost! First thing we saw upon entering the mines was a big dead body, and a cultist standing next to it. The cultist noticed Tyil who was scouting ahead, and threw a chunk of meat at him (weird). Then he reanimated two Zombie Ogres (saw that coming!) who attacked us. But this wasn’t my first rodeo in the mines (and neither was it Tyils!). We took them down pretty quickly.

A whole gang of cultist appeared, and they tried to send a summoned giant scorpion to deal with us. But Tramenor, one of our 2 nature clerics, casted some animal friendship and managed to convince the giant scorpion to turn on its creators! The scorpion killed 3 of the cultists!! It was truly wild. Note to self – definitely need to try that in the future.

We had taken a slight beating at that point and we were planning to rest up. However, two Orogs came up and tried to get us again (stupid Orogs! Always sneaking in to try and get a cheap kill). We dealt with them swiftly.

We got our much deserved rest, and we went down to inspect the portal yet again. This time, we studied it a little closer – there were some of those pink and purple worms that were appearing from the cultist symbol, which we were sure by now was a portal to some strange dimension. Skor tried to firebolt it which didn’t seem to work. We realised that the only way we could disrupt it was by getting rid of the runes. Tramenor tried his spike growth trick, and it looks like there could have been a chance of success. However, this was not one of those times, as the portal absorbed the spike growth and multiplied it’s power 3-fold, capturing us in it as well. Thankfully, none of us were hurt, and Tramenor released the spell.

What was left over were little ghostly tendrils, which seem to show that what it had conjured is not of this world. We threw a rock at the portal and it got gobbled up. Note to other travelers: Best try and find a way to physically disrupt the portal here.

As we went further south, past the beat up chest that we had left the previous time, we found 2 rows of skeletons in the southern passage. However, as you could’ve guessed, those skeletons did not stay down, and we had to fend off some skeleton soldiers. Tyil cast shatter, which was a good idea at the time, until we realised that the WHOLE DUNGEON was coming towards us.

We saw big frogs, giant spiders, and Ankhegs that were burrowing around. We fought as we retreated out of the cave, dealing with all nearby enemies that stood in our way. We thankfully managed to escape with all of our lives. For anyone who is trying to attempt this mine again, do take note – chances are you will be attacked by beast and / or undead, and so it’s important to prepare around that idea. We also still have much of the map unexplored, and I think it will be interesting what you can find.

Stay safe fellow adventurers!