PC’s: Orator Aurum,Orator Kaine, Sir Knight Henry(Rip),Body Pilfering Grimsbane, Detective Nog

Author: Orator Aurum Argenti Mordekaison

I was sitting in the bar of Axe & Thistle when Kaine came bursting through the doors, likely playing his lute. He spotted me, and I guess something must have clicked. Perhaps it could have been the night before, as I just finished reading the log of the previous evening’s events. I noticed a new scar on Kaine, I would have to ask him about it later. But back to the matter at hand. Kaine gathered me and a few other adventurer’s I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing a party with.

There was Servante Grimsbane, arcanist extra ordinary, at first we thought he was crazy. he kept talking to his shoulder and muttering to himself. Later we found out it was an imp. Not sure we can trust this guy. Followed by Henry, the circus performer. He was a master at cracking a whip. He was good at it. He likely never thought about how loud whips are when you are trying to sneak. He wasn’t very stout, but he had heart. He had heart. Lastly, we have Detective Nog. A bugbear that was really good at finding things. He did not have much of a vocabulary but it did not matter. He was big and mean to his enemies. Gentle to his friends. Once all the introduction were out of the way and the group was in order behind the lead of Kaine, we set out following the coast line in search of Lady Phathom. This quest was beset upon us by Lady Darci of White moon Cove. We were to find out information on a man named Steve. I was rather confused by all of this at first but soon the orange began to peel and yield it’s fruit as Kaine helped enlighten us. Steve is a stalker fella bothering Darci and Lady Phathom was going to help us find him. Well we came upon a Ruined tower, we passed it. We came upon some blue kobolds near the mines. One of them had wings and could speak common. We didn’t sense many good things from them. They told us how the port there is ruining their swimming spot. Which entailed their normal fishing spot. Pretty sure since we are making a mess for them they are going to do the same for us. All in all we were able to gather the facts. Lady Phathom was in fact at the tower. So we scurried on back. Once at the tower again we tried to enter the main building. While the party was quarreling over how to get in I popped open my scroll container and read the Scroll of Knock. We opened the huge Iron doors that were barred from the inside with some wood and an L-bracket lock. The doors pushed open as magical hands forced them to move. We looked inside and what we saw was a mass of vines and red mold everywhere. It thickly covered the floor akin to moss. Kaine said, “What is it you always say Aurum, It’s not adventure if you can’t die.” That was the signal to move in and be on our toes. But to me, I almost shed a tear, and at the same time it brought up a well of fear. Were my words that terrifying to others?

Nog entered into the room first, Nog not scarred. Followed by myself then Henry, Kaine, and Servatese stayed outside.
It was quiet, the air didn’t move you could slowly see the dust float down through the beams of light that seeped into the open court hall of the tower. A violent crack of words was heard as a humanoid shaped being ripped itself out of the vines. It came and attacked us. I had to use much of my magics to keep me insides, inside. Each time I swept at them with Beatrice, me axe, prickly thorns stuck me and sapped my strength. and it grew stronger, it slammed it’s limbs against me, and it again sapped me of my life essence, making my uniqueness apart of his own.

Bloody Bobs
Bloody Bills

Then came Nog’s challenger, a skeletal figure that swiped at Nog and stole his essence as well. It’s skull engorged itself and it seemed to have gotten a little stronger as it did so. Just when we thought these two were enough another Bloody Bob popped it’s head up and came at us. By now everything was getting fuzzy, and we were on our heels but then I heard Nog, “Don’t touch NOG!!” followed by the repeated slamming of metal to stone and many cracking bone between. When I turned my head to see it was a bloody pile of bone and blood. The Bloody bobs did not go down easily. It seemed you had to hit them really hard or repeatedly before they would learn how to die. Damn beast, doesn’t know when it should be dead. In my experience I would say if we have our hands on some fire magic, this would easily gone more in our favor. But with only pushing a quarter way into the hall and being broken and bruised, we as a party decided to take a short rest. While doing so we happen to check out a door in the ground of a servant house that Grimsbane had spotted earlier with his imp. “Nog go down hole.” So we followed. And down that hole we did go. We followed a trail in the dirt.(Come to find out it was previous adventurers) Nog is an expert detective, but he says that he learned from Rig. Curious. I searched for a hidden door once and found nothing. We reached a wine room, found some wine, actually there were plenty of wine cask around. Then among a few of them Henry spotted a hidden door, it led to Lady Phathom. The room she was contained within was ominous, and made blood seep from our face holes. In the middle of the room laid a blanket covering an orb, Nog touched it. Brave guy, or not bright. It reacted to our presence then. It wooshed into the air as the weave gathered around and formed her body. Kaine asked his questions. In short we found out steve is nearby, likely upstairs. And We have to retrieve an item to help Darci. likely down here. she poofed, forever more, and our fates were forever changed that day. We went to the room that followed after her’s. Nog found a mechanism that opened the passageway for us to go further.

Lady Phathom

We did. Forewarning adventurer’s Clean dungeon floors usually denote the presence of gelatinous cubes. We soon came to find out. quickly we made work of the foul being. Wonder what it might have picked up along the way…

Gelatinous Cube

Then the room of ghastly horrors. first a ghost, the blood spawn, then three banshees, and it was perilous… I witnessed Henry go down, I reached out to save him from Death’s embrace. I paid for it dearly, shortly after I faded to black.

When I woke up, Henry was dead. Nog, Servant, Kaine all looked more fragile. I tried to put a hut down but then a mass of skeletons came from the doors… We backed ourselves to the hallway, smashing them down. Barely hanging on to life we fought to keep what was ours. Successful, we then pushed a little further to discover what laid within, heard more noises. In the F corridors. Founds loot.

Beneath the servants Quarters

We left, bloody bruised tired, and broken. Marched for a mile following the coast. I put up me hut. Kaine woke me up. I witnessed Kobold building around the hut, I was worried, but knew they needed rest. So we rested. Morning came and we were surrounded by walls and a roof… I thought they would have drowned us or dropped boulders something primitive. No! It had to be Primal! We woke up to the walls glowing red with the center bright white. We had to get out. Nog dug, and dug into the wall with his shovel. “Nog have bead of Force” He then reached into his bag and he slammed his fist into the wall and leapt back. I watched as the weave strained and waves rippled over the tiny hut. With such force we blew a hole into the wall, escaping… Or at least we thought we would have. Open wall revealed blue kobolds around a shaman and two young blue dragons. Not too terribly huge, but one tried to wrestle with me, I was able to match the dragon in strength… I was able to match a dragon in strength. I just had to repeat it, so unbelievable. The long short, we got extorted for our treasures.

Then on the way home we were being tracked by some white bushy tailed hounds or wolves. They made us who are able to use magic feel uneasy. Like the could sense our magic, we were never able to shake them really. In the dead of one night we heard the screams of a woman and child… Sad grim world. We were finally able to reach our home. Sadly Henry will be missed, I would owe him my life but he cannot be repaid now.

Magic Hunter