Characters: Tingork, Sixer, Zoren, Mine, Ashtodon, Ragrik Stonefist

Leader: Sixer

Scout: Ragrik (…)

Trailblazer: Tingork

Day 1:

We headed out from Ruined Oak to build a road to the north. The road was sponsored by Gronk.

Tingork and Mine went out to hunt for meat and hunted an elk for dinner. Afterwards, I put down my backpack next to me and went to sleep.

I was woken up during the night by a yell. A creature threw a spear at me but missed as I was lying down. They turned out to be kobolds except for one… thing that looked like a brain floating in the air. It was most disconcerting.

“This creature resembles a walking cauliflower head, but instead of white cauliflower, its leaves wrap around a pulsing, fleshy brain.”
  • Ashtodon used chill touch.
  • Mine swung his rapier as well as her warhammer.
  • Tingork shot with a longbow with a keen eye.
  • Sixer energetically babbled while attacking with a mechanical gauntlet as well as his hound that he called BF MK I, which bit down with a mechanical head. He managed to rip apart the armor of a kobold and even managed to kill the brain. The mechanical hound was incredibly fast.
  • Ragrik swung his battleaxe but accidentally broke it in the hilt. Sixer helped fix it afterwards.
  • I used toll the dead and my longsword spiritual weapon.

Ashtodon was knocked unconscious twice, and if I had not healed him both times, he would have been in a difficult situation.

Kobolds. Not that strong alone but formidable in numbers.

One tried to kill itself with its own spear when it sensed we were trying to capture it. We succeeded in capturing one, but it was unresponsive. Sixer was distressed by that. Sixer later found a note on one of the kobolds:

I discovered that Fiver was Sixer’s sibling like I had presumed previously. It seems there were Threer and Fourer as well. Sixer was the last sibling it seems. He mentioned that Fiver was the cool one, which I could understand. Sixer was impressive in his own sense during the battle though, doing combination attacks with his metal dog.

During my watch, Ashtodon heard screams coming from the north. However, they were a mile away at least, so I begrudgingly decided to wait until daylight appeared to inspect it if we got the chance.

Day 2:

We resumed building our road and came upon a wreckage of wagons north of the road. They were attacked during the middle of the night. There were signs that the attackers were kobolds. Since we had a road to build, we decided to report to the town of Ruined Oak and keep moving forward.

There were dwarves that had set up a wooden palisade or wooden stakes surrounding a flea market with tables and stands. The dwarves were from the Citadel from a place called Rehope. They had come down from the mountains to set up a trade post. Thankfully, due to my White Moon Cove armband, I was able to vouch for the party. The dwarves of the Citadel were very grateful to the towns of White Moon Cove and Ruined Oak for helping defeat the forces of Talos and the demon Fuzeblaze, who I heard about before as well at the Citadel. The dwarven merchant’s name was Sulmollymun Bizwald.

They offered us a few simple foods with simple spices.

During the night, the watch went by peacefully, so I played my viol quietly with an old sea tune.

Day 3:

We came upon a stone monument that Ragrik inspected using his Stonecunning. He found words carved on the stone that he translated from Dwarvish as follows:

“Versan Luarals dancing on the sky

Cinder to ashs but not birds to cats

Children dancing, women weeping, the rays shine brightly

Beware the Crossing of Then to They”

Dwarvish inscription on stone monument

The workers moved around the stone and continued building.

Mine found enough food for the day, so I helped myself to that as well.

I was woken up the shouting of Sixer about something called “Operational protocol Theta” in a babbling tone. The ground trembled, and a creature approached from the northeast. Sixer’s gauntlet turned into a cannister with the six fingers coming together, firing a purplish glow onto the huge creature. It functioned the same as a Faerie Fire spell, it seemed.


The creature ran up to us and snapped at us with rows of sharp teeth. It was reptilian in appearance and 30 feet tall! It was an imposing sight. Mine bravely charged at it with her rapier, despite the incredible size difference. She fought bravely but was grappled in the dinosaur’s jaws. Sixer shot something else at the huge dinosaur. This time it was a net that pinned it to the ground. Mine managed to escape its jaws and retreat. Unexpectedly, it was Ashtodon, whose name sounds somewhat like a dinosaur, who dealt the finishing blow. After failing to scare it with a spell, he fired magic missiles and took it down. Mine ran up to the body and hacked up its body. I followed suit with the spiritual weapon. In the battle, BF MK I was destroyed while trying to protect Mine. Sixer ran up to it and used magic of some kind to fix the mechanical canine back up. Someone mentioned that its name was a T-Rex. Not sure who it was. In any case, they really ravaged the body of the dinosaur, taking what teeth and claws that were salvageable. Quite frankly, it was a gruesome sight, and I ended up going back to my sleeping spot after my spiritual weapon disappeared away from the bloodshed.

I played my viol as I beheld the bloody remains of the rex as dawn approached.

“Tyrannosaurus Rex.” 30 feet tall, over 15 feet long. Sharp teeth with firm grip.

Day 4:

The workers were weary as 16 of them had been slain, so we headed back to Ruined Oak. As we returned to town, there was a large crater in the ground, but the crater itself was empty with no object inside. None of us could figure out what had caused it.

That night, I woke up to Ragrik fighting two stone creatures. Likely gargoyles. They could do 4 attacks. Each. Ragrik tried to retreat as one accidentally tripped up, but the other one flew after him. I was too late in my movement, and it killed Ragrik, decimating his body. We managed to destroy them both. Mine in particular fought in an especially powerful fit of rage, and I must say that my rage was almost as great. Sixer commented that he should woken up the others if he found something. I made a mental note to do that from now on.

Sixer found an underground passage where the gargoyles came from. There was a message in Infernal, but noone could decipher it, so we took it back to town.

I heard animals fighting in the night, but I was too preoccupied with mourning the death of Ragrik to care…

Gargoyle? Powerful creatures. Physical attacks were not very effective, and they could do multiple attacks in rapid succession. Came from underground.

Day 5:

We took Ragrik’s body back with us on a cart. Tingork replaced him as the scout. Sixer mentioned that this was why he always kept around a cart. We reached the town with 16 fewer workers and 1 fewer adventurer. Ragrik Stonefist. A dwarf with a strong accent. Another soul I was not fast enough to save. Another name to carve on my torch…

RIP Ragrik Stonefist


A person named Rose at the Guild Kef lobby translated the Infernal message using magic. There were only 2 words: Eastern Ashes. It could be a code. I felt someone staring at me from the corner for a brief second before the feeling vanished, which was disconcerting.